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Macron, Valls, Hollande, who are the heirs of Michel Rocard? – The Express

“second left” … “reformism to the French” … “The rocardisme, what is it?” Asks aloud Jean-Paul Huchon, his chief of staff at Matignon, the day after the death of Michel Rocard. “This is a way of approaching the front company, to be realistic, to adapt to the new situation that is globalization. It is teaching people left what reality” declines -t it.

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“Yes, that’s it,” opines the boss of the PS, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis: “The ideal is not the real enemy is the great lesson of Michel Rocard. ” Clearly, “the best social intentions are not worth if there is not the best instrument to implement,” says Alain Bergounioux, party historian.

Manuel Valls and Emmanuel Macron obvious heirs Rocard?

From this point of view, the sight of the former president of the Ile-de-region France, “the most obvious successors to Rocard is Manuel Valls and Emmanuel Macron.” Both men repeatedly stated that Rocard is their mentor. They have also been among the quickest to react to his death. “It has changed the face of the left, reconciled state with civil society and redesigned the social market economy”, welcomed the young Minister of Economy.

Prime Minister, rocardien from 20 years and collaborator Michel Rocard at Matignon, was deployed in the media to say how he felt “orphan” of this “political father”. dithyrambics of which would probably have been interested smile.

In late June, Michel Rocard also confided: “It is nice to them and I thank them.” But the two men “have not had the chance to know the origins of socialism, which had an international dimension and was a model of society (…) The poor Macron is ignorant of all this. The awareness of pay history collective disappeared, or was it our cement. Macron as Valls were formed in an amputee party. They are far from history, “he assénait in Le Point .

And then Emmanuel Macron, with its “neither right nor left,” away from Michel Rocard that “despite all his critics on the left, has a real historical anchor left” notes political scientist Frederic Dabi. As for Manuel Valls, he adds, he has not really implemented “the Rocard method” with the Labour law … even if the former tenant of Matignon was one of Prime Ministers to resort the more highly of 49-3 news.

“We can not say that there is only one heir Rocard”

“In those days, all socialists were left even very differently, “was quick to release Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “Just as Mendes-France, which he himself claimed, had many disciples, we can not say that there is only one heir Rocard,” said Alain Bergounioux. “We all are and it would be futile to try to capture that legacy,” warns Jean-Christophe Cambadélis.

Much more discreet, François Hollande does not claim affiliation with the least theorist second left. “What Rocard criticized Hollande is to be a prisoner of immediacy. But on substance, Holland draws in its action and Rocard used as a model,” said Jean-Paul Huchon. “We must not forget that Rocard in his time was mocked for his ‘shortness of breath’,” said Frederic Dabi.

By submitting in October, the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour Michel Rocard, Francois Hollande, to which the left of the left accuses of betraying the ideals of socialism, stressed his contribution: “you have sought to appease the company but also to reform France as there is no incompatibility.” Still, as Pierre Mendes-France or even centrist Raymond Barre, this “realistic dreamer”, this fan of “real talk” never managed to conquer the supreme power.

And right?

On the right, while praising his statesmanship “open” and “reformer” is estimated to Besides that Michel Rocard lost his battle to “modernize” the French left, he considered himself in June “retrograde”. “It has unfortunately not been a prophet in his party and clashed with conservatives who refused the turn of social democracy. France still paying the consequences today,” laments François Fillon.

Not so, retorted another former prime minister, the Socialist Lionel Jospin: true, “Mitterrand Michel Rocard dominated politically” but “Michel Rocard won economically, from the point of view policies implemented then. ”


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