Saturday, July 9, 2016

Orly deadly robbery in 2011: sentenced to 18 and 25 years’ imprisonment – Le Parisien

It should not be someone behind the door, but they were three, there is one who is dead. “This was repeated Serge Veron to the psychiatrist who examined her, recounting the attack commando strong center Orly (Val-de-Marne) on 21 September 2011 that killed to a conveyor. North Assize Court, in Douai, condemned Friday the main protagonist of this murderous robbery to eighteen years’ imprisonment. The heaviest sentence went to David Gras, still at large, with 25 years’ imprisonment. A third participant, Jeremy Rousseau, took 12 years imprisonment for complicity.

“More than feel responsible for the death of this man, he feels guilty,” said the expert on Serge Veron, 48, a former paratrooper. The river trial lasted a month. In total, nineteen people were found in this complex which included other attacks in France in 2011 and assigned to this team. Some of the accused were acquitted of any involvement in the flights with weapons which they were charged, but guilty of the criminal conspiracy offense and sentenced to 8 to 13 years imprisonment.

the most dramatic robbery took place on 21 September 2011. It is 5 pm 45 am. Nine strangers, armed and very determined, attack the safe center of the TEMIS company Orly. Equipped with explosives blew Serge Veron an emergency door from inside the garage of the center to access safes. But the robber was badly dosed his office. Giuseppe Di Carlo, 54, employed by the company Temis, is blown by the explosive charge. The criminals seized a booty of € 8.2 million.

VIDEO. The account of the violence of the attack on 21 September 2011, at Orly

“Despite repeated apologies, the family does not intend to pardon Serge Veron, but this attitude is a first step towards family resilience “, for his part said Corinne me Matouk, lawyer of the relatives of the victim, in his argument.

According to the Advocate General, Serge Veron is” conductor “and” fireworks “Orly steering. The “skill level” required for this type of “sophisticated” attacks imposes a “small team and formed the same members who keep the same roles,” said his side the Advocate General in his submissions almost 10 hours. “We believe in the uniqueness of this team,” he had insisted then that most defendants alleged throughout this trial do not know.


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