Tuesday, July 5, 2016

TGV: the trains arriving ranking the latest – Boursorama

The start of the holiday is synonymous with major departures by train & amp; # 8230; but also delays! In fact, the month of July is when the TGV are the latest, according to a survey of 60 million consumers.

Thus, on average 10.7% of TGV arrived late in 2015 and this figure rises to 12.8% for the month of July. In August, the TGV are more punctual since only 10.06% of trains arrived late. But we must turn to the month of March to find the best rate punctuality with only 9.23% of the TGV late followed months of April and May respectively with 9.29% and 9.45% rate delay. These calculations were made using data from the train that incorporate all delays of more than 5 minutes for journeys of less than 1:30 and more than 10 minutes for trips between 1:30 ET 3h, then more than 15 min -delà.

Some delays may be eligible for compensation. It should however that the delay is greater than 30 minutes, but also be attributed to SNCF. If these conditions are met the conventional TGV passengers will be reimbursed up to 25% of the ticket price between 30 minutes and 2 hours late, and 50% between 2 and 2:59 behind and 75% thereafter. On iDTGV or Ouigo trains, compensation is less generous: they do not exceed 50% of the ticket price and no reimbursement takes place below an hour late.

Lines East are the most punctual

Meanwhile, the magazine listed the most punctual lines. So the trains to the East show a punctuality rate than those who travel to the South. The prize goes to the Reims-Paris line shows only 4.3% of trains late closely followed by the Paris-Nancy line with a delay rate of 4.36%. Then the lines Paris-Dijon, Besançon and Paris-Nancy-Paris show all three of the delay rate to below 5%.

Conversely, the Lyon-Lille line holds the record for the least punctual trains with 26.38% of trains arrived late last year. The Marseille-Lille (25%) followed by Lyon-Montpellier line (23.33%) are also among poor students. This is especially of lines over the Rhone valley, where the rail network is saturated.

Juilletistes, if you travel by train to the South of France, driving holiday so could last a little longer than expected ;-).

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