Thursday, July 14, 2016

VERBATIM – Attack in Nice: the declaration of Francois Hollande in full – Europe1

President François Hollande spoke Friday at 3:50, after the deadly bombing of Nice. He announced the three-month extension of the state of emergency, originally scheduled to end on 26 July, after the deadly bombing of Nice, and the mobilization of the operational reserve.

Here is the transcript of his solemn declaration :

“a Nice that night, a truck drove through the crowd gathered for the fireworks of July 14, with the intention kill, crush and kill.

We regret the moment I speak 77 victims including children and about twenty wounded in an absolute emergency. This attack, the terrorist can not be denied, is once again an absolute violence.
It is clear that we must do everything we can to fight against the scourge of terrorism.

the driver was shot. We do not know at that moment as if he had accomplices but we are ensuring that his identification, which will be verified, we can put these potential tracks.
France was hit the day of its national holiday on 14 July symbol of freedom, because human rights are denied by the fanatics, and that France is necessarily their target.

I express on behalf of the grieving nation our solidarity with towards victims and their families.

All means are implemented to help the wounded. White Plan mobilizing all hospitals in the region was triggered. After Paris at least January 2015 and at least November of last year with Saint-Denis, now Nice is in turn affected. This is the France that is under the threat of Islamist terrorism.

We need to demonstrate absolute vigilance and unwavering determination.

Many measures have already been taken. Our legislation has been considerably strengthened. But we must, because we are in summer, still raise our level of protection.
So I decided, on a proposal of the Prime Minister and the ministers of Defense as of the Interior, d first we will maintain at a high level the Sentry operation, one that mobilizes 10,000 troops in addition to the gendarmes and police.

I also decided to appeal to the operational reserve, c that is to say to all those who at one time were the armed forces or in the staffing of the police response to relieve staff of police and gendarmes. We can deploy them to all the places where we need them and in particular for border control.

Finally, I decided that the state of emergency which was to end on 26 July would be extended for three months. A bill will be submitted to parliament by next week.

Nothing will give us in our determination to fight against terrorism and we will further strengthen our actions in Syria and Iraq. We will continue to strike those who just attack us on our own soil, in their bearings. I announced yesterday [Thursday] morning.

A defense counsel will be held tomorrow [Friday]. It will examine all the measures we have already taken and that I have just announced. It will allow the deployment of all necessary personnel in all locations and all the cities where we need protection and vigilance.

I will be traveling with the Prime Minister in Nice following this Council Defence to support the city, its elected officials, in this event and mobilize all means necessary.

France is afflicted by this new tragedy, horrified by what just happened, this monstrosity is to use a truck to kill deliberately kill dozens of people who just came to celebrate on 14 July.

France, she is tearful, distressed but she is strong, it will always be strong, I you assures that the fanatics who want to hit today. “


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