Sunday, May 15, 2016

Death of a baby in Amiens indictments – Le Figaro

The mother of an infant of six months died in Amiens (Somme) and his companion were indicted for minor on violence causing death and imprisoned, did was learned Sunday from the floor of Senlis.

The infant was emergency helicopter Wednesday afternoon in a state of cardiac arrest from Noyon, in the Oise. He died the same day at Amiens hospital, victim of harm that resulted in his death, had said the floor of Compiegne. The mother of the infant and his companion were arrested in stride. “An autopsy was performed Thursday afternoon. It revealed several fractures and various injuries which suggest a situation of abuse,” had said the floor.

A survey carried out by the Research brigade gendarmerie Compiegne, was immediately opened for abuse of a minor under 15 years resulting in death. The investigation will have to determine if blows were struck, or if it is neglect, “said the prosecutor of Compiegne, Stéphane Hardouin.


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