Sunday, May 15, 2016

VIDEO. labor law: a high school student indicted for attempted murder on a police officer – Le Parisien

The young man with no prior convictions, was remanded in custody and risk a trial before a criminal court.

“It’s a signal we expected,” responded this Sunday on France Info Thierry Spitz, representative of the Alliance police union in the Loire Valley after this indictment. “It’s been two months since the protests began and that security forces subjected to repeated and multiple aggressions,” he continues. “This is an extremely strong signal of our authorities both political and legal that has been given and it is going in the right direction for us if we want to curb this phenomenon,” insists Thierry Spitz.

high school student is accused of participating in the lynching of a police officer during a demonstration against the labor law. The case dates back to May 3 at a rally in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique). Several hundred opponents of labor law 700 at the height according to the police clashed with security forces. Throughout the event, several exchanges of shots and tear gas were held with the police. During these clashes, the young man would be taken with several other individuals in a police commander who found himself isolated. He fell receiving a blow from behind. Struck with an iron bar shots while on the ground, the officer was taken to hospital. He had emerged from the hospital with a broken nose and a couple of stitches in the head and face.

VIDEO. Nantes: a policeman wounded in the head during the demonstration on May 3 (Ocean Press)

According to Stéphane Léonard, union secretary Police Unit in Loire-Atlantique, France questioned Info we went that day “next to a tragedy.”

AUDIO. Stéphane Léonard, union secretary Police Unit in Loire-Atlantique (France Info)

The high school student was arrested last Thursday at another event, says France Bleu Loire -Ocean which states that the analyzes are underway including the iron bar used by the attackers. Furthermore, other arrests could occur in the case of the lynching of a police officer. The schoolboy, during his hearing, denied having hit the policeman and simply admits that he dropped to the ground.

Bernard Cazeneuve greets the police

This Saturday at Rennes, the security forces prevented Saturday some 700 protesters marching in central Rennes to protest against “police violence” and the city was under surveillance Saturday night after d an evening of damage committed by about 300 breakers.

Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister of the Interior, is expected this Sunday morning at Rennes. He must meet with elected officials and provide support to the security forces faced sometimes violent demonstrations and rioters in recent days in the capital of Brittany. Bernard Cazeneuve meet police and gendarmes mobilized on events, attended by the Mayor Nathalie Appéré. It will also have a meeting with all department heads of internal security, did it the same source.

VIDEO. Rennes: the rioters rampage Friday night the shops downtown (i & gt; Tele)


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