Tuesday, May 17, 2016

In Paris, tense labor mobilization against the law – Liberation

Voltuan look at the plan to the subway exit La Tour Maubourg in Paris. He wants to go to the demonstration against the labor law, but the Ecole Militaire station, from where the movement is closed by the police. So it takes a little walk to get to the different unions (CGT, Solidaires, FSU, UNEF, UNL and Fidl) originally mobilization. No problem: “Do not let go! I remain optimistic. “ This activist, regularly present at night and standing in processions with giant signs denouncing austerity, the financialisation of the company or precarious workers, preferred not to bag back: “. the lazy to show the many times” a systematic search, conducted by the security forces, has in fact held near the perimeter of the event. Security has been strengthened since the many excesses that occurred at previous gatherings.

However, shortly before 14h, the atmosphere is relaxed. It’s nice, the refreshment bars and food stalls are envy, the song Mamma Mia Abba resonates full balls – colorful balloons unions, themselves, alongside the Eiffel Tower in the sky and it ‘ is rather nice. Philippe Martinez, general secretary of the CGT, is at the front of the procession. He does not give up, “Calendar [legislative] still leaving us a half months [for withdrawal from the labor bill].” the example of the CPE law, adopted and withdrawn in 2006, is on his lips and on all others. People believe, “Why come, otherwise?” says pragmatically protester.

“SO, collaborators!”

According to the police headquarters, they are between 11 000 and 12 000 have moved (55 000 according to the CGT) for this sixth day of mobilization against the bill, passed through recourse to Article 49.3, the first reading in the Assembly national. This is roughly equivalent to the numbers of the last demo. Slogans start along the procession, whose terminus is Denfert-Rochereau. “Resistance!” , “ All together together general strike!”, “Withdrawal, withdrawal of the El Act Khomri!” .. . But soon, their voices become inaudible to anyone who is at the front of the demonstration. As before, near the services of order (SO) trade unions and CRS is rather anti-police lyrics that burst.

“SO, collaborators! “” Cops, SO, same fight! “ … They are certainly in the minority, but seem to annoy the people affected by their words. The atmosphere is increasingly tense. A CRS invective woman, SO don their helmets. The memory of past events, where trade unionists were assaulted, still prégnant. “This is the first time in 18 years of demonstrations as SO, I wear one, said a member of FO. But I prefer to have the air con as typing me a head injury. “ For some demonstrators, the gesture of preventive protection is provocation. Some accuse even the SO have previously used violence on them, “helping the police to fire people” . For a member of FO, it is rather those who attack the police inflaming tensions, ensuring that their role “is precisely to allow the procession to move forward in security ‘.

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Later in the procession, slogans against the law continue. At the front, a group of people, dressed entirely in black, covers the face spontaneously with scarves and swimming goggles. Most journalists are, like the police, helmets. It will degenerate, everyone knows and feels it and it does not lack Shortly before 16 hours, first outbursts erupt. An explosive projectile – presumably a firebomb – is launched by demonstrators on CRS, posted outside the restaurant La Rotonde, on the corner of Boulevard Raspail. Boum. Fire and first brawl broke out. Soon, the sky turns gray and enamelled few moments of tear gas. They explode the ground, boom boom boom bis, people running around. “Withdrawal, withdrawal, El-Khomri law,” continues to chant the procession. Nobody too. listen to “Tomorrow, because of these people, the press only talk about this instead of the content of the law” , laments, tired, a protester .

the discrediting of mobilization is exactly what afraid unions. For members of the CGT, the Interior Ministry itself that leaves knowingly involve breakers “to scare the public and thus make the demonstrations attracted less people” . Georges Bruet, head of social struggles in the Val-d’Oise for the Left Party, even said that CRS would receive specific orders: “Some told us they receive instructions asking them to intervene to 20 hours at rallies, battery when held JT. “ A CGT SO member goes even further, saying that ” plainclothes cops integrate breakers groups and put firing the gun. “

” Gros cons “

cops or no cops, overflows resume shortly before 16 h 15. protesters left the main procession and borrow a small street that, in the opinion of any of them, lead “to Matignon” . They quickly brought back to the crowd, evacuated with tear gas CRS. Incidentally, two of them embark chairs placed on the terrace of a restaurant. They break methodically to make sticks. A dustbin on fire, shop windows are broken, the CRS do not hesitate to shake journalists getting too close. An old man, who claims to have participated in May 68, deals with belligerent demonstrators “big con” . Eyes water, throats scratch, bodies suffer – a young man to the ground, received désencerclement bomb splinters. Many protesters out of their serum bags for the eyes, as if weary, they planned such a scenario.

The arrival at Denfert-Rochereau, end of the route is somewhat confused . SO out their batons, strongly resembling baseball bats. “We do leaves more» , assures one of them. The tear gas continue to rain, in an attempt to disperse the crowd and, a fortiori, to stop the demonstration. 12 people were arrested. Voltuan, he is calm and always there. He looks a little dejected: “. It’s a shame” His sign, it holds most high

Amélie Quentel


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