Sunday, July 10, 2016

Bac 2016: a record success rate raises questions – francetv info

This is a ferry to the results seen. As these high school students, 88.5% of applicants were admitted to the exam, but it raises questions. Valerie Sipahimalani is deputy secretary general of the SNES. For her, it’s a good thing. Jean-Robert Pitte is the former president of the Sorbonne. In his eyes, the examination is exceeded. So did the tray and sold off too easy? “ The tray as it is today is a pointless and dangerous charade that creates disappointment for those who fail and a few months later at the University ,” says Jean-Robert Pitte .

Deputy Secretary General of the SNES, “ the problem is not that the tank is sold off or not, the problem is who is preparing now and we still a quarter of french boys who have no bachelor . ” Pretty well, or very well, references were also broken records. In 1990, nearly a quarter of the students took down one. They are almost a third in 2000 and almost half this year. “ The preparatory classes are normally the pathways for students receiving honors or very well have enough space to accommodate all these people ” laments Jean-Robert Pitte . A critical value of the tray supported by statistics, once obtained tray, less than half of the graduates pass in the second year.

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