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Death of Michel Rocard: Holland welcomes a “great figure of the Republic and of the left” – The World

Tributes to mulitiplient after the announcement of the disappearance of Michel Rocard. The former prime minister (1988-1991) died Saturday, July 2 in a Paris hospital.

President Francois Hollande immediately hailed a “great figure of the Republic and of the left” , which embodied “conciliatory utopian socialism and modernity”

“with an exceptional personality, he had driven behind him many generations and had sought to reform and to appease France. His method was that of dialogue, of compromise. It still inspires us today. “

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Meanwhile, Manuel Valls, himself from the rocardisme, found that embodied “modernization of the left and the requirement to tell the truth” . The Prime Minister, who was associate of Mr. Rocard at Matignon, said in a statement have “engaged in politics through and Michel Rocard, because he had said in 1978 that there was not inevitable failure of the left, because he said before the others that change is reform, not rupture “.

former Prime Minister Lionel Jospin Sunday welcomed him “a statesman” enamored of social dialogue and a “reference”. “The paradox is that François Mitterrand dominated politically and Michel Rocard Michel Rocard won economically, from the perspective of the policies then work” , he added on France Inter.

“a scout has left us”

“This is a part of ourselves that goes with Michel” wrote the first secretary of the Socialist Party, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, promising to “continue (its) fights” .

“A scout us has left “, reacted founder of the left Party, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who believes that the life of Michel Rocard ” is a lesson. Each of the meditation “.

Right, the Republican President Nicolas Sarkozy hailed the memory of a man embodying ” some left who refused first bigotry in favor of greater economic realism in the context of European construction “.

” President of the Republic, I wanted to entrust him responsibility for reflection and monitoring of the future investment program and an international mission on climate change at the poles. It has fulfilled its mission with intelligence, driven by the direction of the state. “

Alain Juppe told him of his ” great sadness “. “With different political choices we made together a beautiful book, and the great debt” , wrote the mayor of Bordeaux on Twitter. A Men “that will remain in our history not his honesty and uprightness ,” responded Bruno Le Maire.

The President of the National Front (FN), Marine Le Pen has Meanwhile hailed on Twitter “a man of convictions” .

the former Minister of Justice (1995-1997) and current Defender, Jacques Toubon on him argued that Mr. Rocard “the politician was the most intelligent and most imaginative in Europe.”

“His commitment and his word will be missed in a world without landmarks. “

Michel Rocard in 11 dates

August 23, 1930: Born in Courbevoie (Hauts-de-Seine )

1949: Adheres to the SFIO

1958: Joined the autonomous Socialist Party (PSA), which became the united Socialist Party (PSU)

1969: PSU candidate for president, where he collects 3.61% of the vote. The same year he became deputy of the Yvelines

1974. Joined the Socialist Party

1977: Is elected mayor of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine (Yvelines)

1983-1985: Minister of agriculture

1988-1991: Prime Minister

1993-1994: First Secretary of the Socialist Party

1994-2009: MEP

July 2, 2016: Died at the age of 85 years


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