Sunday, July 3, 2016

Death of Michel Rocard: “a man of deep moral” for Jean-Paul Huchon – L’Express

He had been the chief of staff Michel Rocard twice, in 1981 and 1988. Jean-Paul Huchon, joined by L’Express this Saturday night, welcomes “a person of great human quality,” after announcement of the death of former Prime Minister Francois Mitterrand.

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“I am very sad. He is a man who will be missed terribly in the country,” said the former president of the General Council of Ile of France. “Michel Rocard had those qualities of authenticity and truth, he was a man of deep personal and political morality, it really will be missed terribly in this country which is in a troubled situation at the moment.” Politically, “he had demonstrated his ability to be a man of dialogue between the right and the left. He also modernized the Socialist Party, and forced him to look reality in the face.”

A “tremendous simplicity”

In 1981, Jean-Paul Huchon was appointed chief of staff Michel Rocard, then Minister of Planning and Land the territory, and the rest in 1983, when he became Minister of Agriculture. After several years in the private sector, Jean-Paul Huchon found the cabinet of Michel Rocard, when he was appointed Prime Minister in 1988 under the presidency of François Mitterrand. He has seen firsthand how worked that which was “a reference man for 25 years of his life.”

He remembers in particular “Peace in New Caledonia, extraordinary”. “On a more personal level, it struck me, is to see to invent As the ideas of the government. And then this great simplicity he had with everyone, and sense of dialogue . nobody will tell you it was sectarian, he was stiff, it was a person of great human quality. I do not think I have ever seen do something mediocre. ”

Manuel Valls, the “spiritual son”

While the issue of the legacy of Michel Rocard arises, Jean-Paul Huchon said Manuel Valls count as “one of his spiritual son”. This Saturday, the Prime Minister recalled pledging policy “by and for” Michel Rocard.

“His legacy, these are those who defend the ideals of social democracy, socialism in democracy, refusing the vulgar communism and leftist socialism. They are all those who wear a look of the future of France, who do not want to get caught by the old moons “adds Jean-Paul Huchon.

“He made the RMI, it held the social security balance, he made peace in New Caledonia. It was also one of the first to worry about warming the planet. And it’s much “concluded his former traveling companion.


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