Saturday, July 2, 2016

Paris – Rocard: the press insists on its balance sheet and presidential fate “prevented” – L’Express

Whether in paper editions appearing on Sunday or in the online versions of newspapers that do not come out on newsstands, theorist of the disappearance of the “ second left ” is the One.

This is the contribution of Michel Rocard renewal left ideas, which, with the frontal opposition to François Mitterrand and his phrasing somewhat abstruse, holds the attention of newspapers.

Michel Rocard, the heart and the reason ” headlines Le Journal du dimanche, which traces “ the tireless work of a reformist ” .

He embodied the modern left “, reports Le Parisien / Today in France.

Michel Rocard “ was a paradoxical and complicated politician. Renewing the left to reconcile with reality, combine the concrete and rigor, that was his way ” This that “ did not prevent him from taking back roads ,” wrote Jean-Louis Andreani and Raphaelle Bacqué in

– ‘War of the Roses’ –

The president prevented ” online release title, paying tribute to “ former Premier cantor of a demanding socialism and moral “that” has never been able to submit their ideas to the Presidency . ”

At issue in particular, “ exceptional animosity ” between the “ wise old ” Mitterrand and the “ fiery young “Rocard, as portrayed Paul-Henri du Limbert in

A quarter century after leaving Matignon, the French left is still to fight, and opponents of Manuel Valls always wear against her arguments once used by mitterrandistes against Michel Rocard. He died without seeing the end of the war + of the roses + “, notes the editorialist of Le Figaro.

Social Democrats before the hour, this convinced European belongs to the long list of political fate has fled ,” said Philippe Marcacci in L’Est Republicain, but “ it would be unfair to reduce this futile opposition. Michel Rocard was not a great intellectual vacuum machine running .” “ The Reform leaves a real legacy ” insists columnist Lorraine daily.

Revenu minimum d’insertion (RMI), general social contribution (CSG), Noumea Accords on New Caledonia … Michel Rocard was appointed by default François Mitterrand in Matignon but he knew, during these three years, set markers “, said Laurent Bodin in Alsace.

The story actually a prime minister to balance, albeit continuously frustrated, it’s not so common ” concludes Denis DAUMIN in The New Republic-Central Where is.


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