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Emmanuel Macron in the first meeting of his  movement in March!, Tuesday, July 12, 2016 in  Paris.

“This movement, nothing can stop it. This movement, because it is the movement of hope, we will carry through 2017 and to victory! “ Emmanuel Macron has no limits and has made clear in a speech of more than an hour, Tuesday, July 12, at the first meeting of his movement in March! We expected a confirmation of its strategy of recent months: displaying an innovative policy offer beyond party lines, the promise of a renewal of political and democratic participation. We had, in addition, a show of force, the “a large gathering, strong, voluntary, of all those who just want to change the country” , praised the minister. And especially the affirmation of an ambition, that “begin to write a new history” , said Mr Macron, who intend to take up the pen, even if it victimize the edges. “The story she bothers. It happens, I know something. Because she has upset the established order, because she worries the system

On April 6, Emmanuel Macron launched his movement, In works! from door to door for collecting business “diagnosis on the country’s state” and thereafter formulate “a new political offer” . Tuesday, July 12, the Minister of Economy increased its SME policy up a gear, taking in the Paris meeting room of Mutuality, historical site rallies of the left and the PS, this time assailed for Used by South trade unionists and the CGT for less hostile to him.

Inside, everything is perfectly marketé, with an introductory clip, yellow or green badges for organizers nice and friendly members, and four stakeholders responsible for heating the room: a young graduate, the President of a chamber of trade, the member of Finistère Richard Ferrand, which heats the room with art, and the writer Alexandre Jardin, who puts his foot in it: “I ask Emmanuel Macron to no longer ask: I go or I do not go? “ For this is obviously the issue.

In” stand up “

The set design on this point, speaks volumes. At the podium, behind dozens of “walkers” sat, a large tricolor background, very presidential. Blue-white-red: no tie, micro hung the jacket, Mr Macron paces the stage without notes, in stand up . And the tone. Facially, Emmanuel Macron has certainly committed no foul, especially with regard to Francois Hollande. He even cited positively: “The president trusted me, and I will never thank enough () And two years ago had a lot of things done. “ But two days before the last televised speech July 14, François Hollande, simply hold meeting can only appear as a provocation.

Especially as
Minister of economy does not hesitate to denigrate, hollow, certain achievements or practices of the executive which it belongs. “The labor law is an important reform, but it is no longer fighting today” , he insists. Likewise for the energy transition law, “a courageous text. But we must go further. “, after which Mr Macron still sketch a critical hollow, what clear enough, the Dutch method: ” If you advance to cover, it’s hard to convince

And when the economy minister pays tribute to former Prime Minister recently deceased Michel Rocard, he took the opportunity to plant a banderille Manuel Valls: “You do not recover Michel Rocard. People have tried during his lifetime, they did not succeed. “ A little later, he attacks those who want to ” invent new texts, laws, standards to hunt headscarf at university “, referring to a proposal of the head of government. Hours earlier, from the Senate, Mr. Valls, precisely, had estimated about activism Mr Macron: “It is time that all this stops But the applicant had, it seems, no intention to comply. “This world is old, used, he is tired, he maintains. It must change. “ The political criticism of President remains depressed. But she is relentless when Mr. Macron attacks the “Device agreements” . Or throws to the crowd: “You did not come to attend yet another conference? “ And when it launches: ” Imagine where we will be in three months, in six months in a year! “, the purpose is met by a flood of applause, in a cutting reference to the next presidential election.

” Can we go on like this? “

About 2 000 people in the hall, over 1500 in a second open for the occasion: the audience is much younger than meetings of the Socialist Party. Side personalities, we still counted forty parliamentarians, including former minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, Nicole Bricq; the former Minister Jacques Chirac, Renaud Dutreil; the writer Erik Orsenna, the widow of Michel Rocard and others. A rise in the party engaged for six months, between relative strength and chess, with the President and the Prime Minister.

“Can we go on like this? “ pretends to question the minister. Obviously not, at least not in this government. Many relatives urge him once again to leave. Emmanuel Macron has not announced anything of that side. But clearly, again, largely outlined. “I am left. This is my story. This is my family, “, has he insisted. Before specifying: “Part of my family is afraid of a changing world .” Not him. It is not certain that François Hollande has enjoyed this rally. But Mr Macron, he does not care and has already announced: “be rearranged in other .” The atmosphere of the cabinet Wednesday, July 13 promises cordial

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