Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Macron is a further step towards 2017 – Le Figaro

Minister held its first meeting in Paris on Tuesday. He assured his movement would bring “until victory”.

Emmanuel Macron has taken a step towards the presidency. Small enough not to cross the red line. Enough to make her fast untenable situation the government … With some talent, the Minister of Economy Mutuality led to the borders of the break. “Imagine where we will be in three months; in six months; in a year! “he launched his movement activists Running !, stoking their desire to fight. The “Macron president!” Have also cast in the meeting.

But never, he has completely revealed, declining to only open one path to the presidency. In the conclusion of his speech, he did say that his movement will be raised “in 2017 until victory”, but without specifying with which candidate … “I’ll take all the risks,” he yet assured, without one knows exactly which …

“I saw how long was the time to make decisions and pass laws.”

Speaking of his action the government almost to the past, he admitted to have learned a lesson: “our system and our institutions are not up to the French.” he saw “a lot voluntarism and self-sacrifice “but also” the difficulties, blockages “. “I saw how the system would not change. I failed to do certain things. I knew my failures. “” I saw how long was the time to make decisions and pass laws, “said he still regretted.

The” rules of the game dated “

Without saying once the name of Francois Hollande – merely talk of President of the Republic – Emmanuel Macron thanked him for having appointed the government but denounced” the system ” , “rules of the game dated.” And above all, to a packed and enthusiastic bathroom consisting of a majority of quadra, many in costume, he denounced that “our country is worn unfulfilled promises” … Macron calls for a “refoundation of our ideology and of our collective action. “

His proposals are not a program, said the semi-candidate because” a program of treating successive customers. ” Instead, he proposes a “transformation plan”. Again, Emmanuel Macron did not hesitate to launch some attacks, especially against the prime minister Manuel Valls. “I do not think we need to invent new text to hunt headscarf at university,” he has launched in other applause.

Her project, ‘c’ is to gather all progressives around the same vision of France. ” No neither-nor, but “a France reconciled.” sweet words of unity. “The idea is not to make a center-left party or what not,” said one who belongs to no party, but has claimed “left”. What he wants is to “bring people to the left and fully to the left, the center and the center fully to the right and most of the right.” A “gathering of progressive” able to “take the courageous decisions that our country need,” he started again, while a thirty parliamentarians were present, but also the former Minister Jacques Chirac, Renaud Dutreil , or Sylvie Rocard, wife of Michel Rocard, who praised Emmanuel Macron, without claiming to totally his inheritance … “with Rocard there was bickering on Power Up!” has it almost amused . “It was a party man. That was his story, not mine. “

” A History “that” disturbs “

He recognized his” Hope movement “is” a story “that” disturbs “. Probably to the top of the state … The PS MP Richard Ferrand, loyal support, has been in introduction equally offensive, stressing they do not bet on the presence of the FN in the second round to hope for an easy victory ! “We need to break the bank. Who better than a former banker to break the bank? “, Wondered Ferrand. The bank will not probably not remain deaf to the threat. Earlier in the afternoon, Manuel Valls has stated its deep annoyance saying about Macron it was “time that this stops.”


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