Sunday, July 10, 2016

Emmanuel Macron “not to leave the boat at a time when it is difficult” – L’Express

It is not yet time to leave. Emmanuel Macron, who does not hide his ambitions for the next presidential election, is not expected to announce his departure from the government Tuesday at the general meeting of its movement “Run!” the Mutualité in Paris.

“We are at a time of government life that is intense, brutal,” said Sunday the Minister of Economy to Ouest-France. “Taking responsibility, is to defend full the measures taken and not put additional brothel ( sic ). I do not want to leave the boat at a time when it’s hard, “he explains he.

Macron “competing for the yellow jersey”

According to JDD , Emmanuel Macron has confirmed to friends this weekend he had not planned to announce Tuesday its departure from the government, nor his candidacy for the presidential election scenario described Wednesday in Duck chained . Although in his team, several scenarios in this regard were discussed, says JDD : mid-July, late July and the beginning of September.

Bercy tenant however pleasing to fuel speculation about his participation in the 2017 presidential Right in the Tour de France, he said, “not compete for the polka dot jersey and the white jersey or for the green jersey. When we biked, the yellow jersey, “he says.

“I am always left”

Although it is too early to Emmanuel Macron, leaving the government ship, the Minister of Economy intends to continue to structure and develop its political movement, “Run!” Tuesday night, before some of the claimed 50,000 members and its 16,000 walkers embarked on a national door-to-door, he will outline his method and timetable. “This is to give the background, content, momentum, nothing less. I will explain the process, how to restore the terms of political engagement, how the next steps include chanting” Does ad -it in the columns of Ouest-France .

Prudent, Emmanuel Macron, first waiting to see if momentum around its movement and its application will in public opinion in the coming months. “Before knowing whether we will compete, we must be very clear about the policy offers. The electorate, you build in time that democratic debate. We will enter the phase of practical work, organize rallies, try to aggregate citizen movements, “said the person, who also said” still left. ”

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