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Bachelor 2016: 88.5% of admitted a record – The World

High school students take the philosophy  exam, the first test session of the 2016  baccalaureate (high school graduation exam) on  June 15, 2016 at the Fustel de Coulanges high  school in Strasbourg, eastern France. A total of  695 682 Students across France are registered to  take Their written baccalaureat exams at over  4,200 examination centers across France entre June  15-June 22, 2015.AFP PHOTO / FREDERICK FLORIN /  AFP / FREDERICK FLORIN

On the roads, the success rate is almost stable for the general baccalaureate 91.4 %, and for the technological tray to 90.7%. the success rate climbs to 1.9 for the professional tray to 82.2%.

the percentage of graduates in a generation s’ amounted to 78.6%. in all, there are 632 700 students became graduates, of 715 200 candidates. the previous record of success in the exam dates back to 2014, with 87.9% received.

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the Minister of education, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, congratulated “students and their teachers for these very good results, “. final figures will be published after the September replacement session only for candidates who had an impediment in June.

  • Type bin and age group

within the general way, the success rate of the literary series (L), increased by 0.6 points to 91, 2%. It crumbles 0.1 point for economic and social series (ES) 91.1% and yields 0.2 points for the science series (S) to 91.6%. More than half of the graduates in 2016 are general baccalauréat and the proportion of an age group holds a general tray is 40.4%.

At the same time, 20% received clinched a technology tray and the proportion of an age group holds a tray technology amounted to 15.7%. Finally, 28% of new graduates have obtained a vocational baccalaureate, and 22.5% of a generation has a pro tray, while this proportion was only 14.2% before the reform of the way in 2010 .

also note an increase of 1.9 mentions holders, 48.2% obtained by the candidates (40% in the vocational route). Within the general baccalaureate, 30.4% received had a word “Good” or “very good” , against 12, 9% in the technological route and 11 6% in the professional way.

for the students who took the catch this week, the success rate was 71.9% for the general baccalaureate, 69.2% for technological tray and 60.4% in the vocational stream.

by academies is in Corsica that the success rate in general and technology tray was the highest (94.8%), Mayotte and it was the lowest (69.7%), followed by Guyana (85.2%).

Contrary to popular belief, it is not because the success rate in the tank tu 90% that everyone has. The success rate is calculated with respect to candidates actually present at the exam: it does not take into account enrolled who do not show up on the day, let alone young people who have abandoned their earlier studies, a phenomenon regarding each year more than 100 000 people.


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