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First political rally for Emmanuel Macron and its movement in March! – The world

The cyclist Chris Froome (left) and Economy  Minister Emmanuel Macron, the arrival of the 8th  stage of the Tour de France on Saturday 9 July.

Minister of economy, Emmanuel Macron, holds the first meeting of his movement running! Tuesday July 12 evening. He hopes to make a show of force and gather nearly 2,000 people at the House of Mutuality in Paris. And, just two days before the traditional interview of the Head of State on 14 July.

The former banker, now adviser to President François Hollande, then minister, was emancipated early April he created his own movement and promised to build a new political offer. Since it casts doubt. Out there from the government? If he will present to the 2017 presidential

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Expected Remarks

Tonight again, his speech is expected, observers scrutinizing the slightest clue that may be indicative of his political ambitions. But tonight again it seems that the main applicant should not say more about his intentions.

According to his entourage, there will be “no personal announcement” : no nomination to wait or exit from government. The Minister has set a timetable. Until the end of the summer, this is the phase “diagnosis” and “Proposals” in October, and then only the “people issues” .

Mr. Macron, which has no card to the Socialist Party (PS), should not however be a candidate facing François Hollande, rather making the bet, according to several relatives that the president will represent not

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Six months of doubt

Since six months, the minister has stepped positions that run counter to the government line, while fueling doubts about his intentions for 2017:

  • while in London, England, he said April 14 that being a presidential candidate is “not today [his] priority”
  • the day after a trip to Chartres (Eure-et-Loire ) with François Hollande, he scored again his vis-à-vis the government emancipation April 22, claiming not to be the “forced” the president
  • on May 8, in a speech peppered allusions to his own path, the economy minister greets the heroic figure of Joan of Arc who “split system”
  • on June 17, he reiterates, on RTL, not to run. He assured that his place is in government, while expressing dissatisfaction with the political offer
  • In a meeting with the “Bourbon Club” on June 28, he said in a small committee that s he had wanted to support Francois Hollande, it would be “became his campaign manager”
  • last Saturday, on the road of the Tour de France, he took the bicycle metaphor says want the “yellow jersey”.

500 000 harvested in late May

anyway, on Tuesday from 19 hours, the minister should speak to an audience of 2000 people at the Mutuality, in the presence of a “thirty parliamentarians’ , including its “close custody” : the Mayor of Lyon Gerard Collomb, Senator François Patriat, MPs Richard Ferrand, Arnaud Leroy, Stéphane Travert and Corinne Erhel all socialists. This is, according to Francois Patriat to show that “the movement exists, is structured” . Working ! claims “more than 50 000 members” .

Should follow, according to Collomb, a “provincial tour during every summer vacation” with “rallies in cities” and “big rally late August (…) of the Bordeaux side” , then 23 and 24 September a “symposium of European reformists and global “ in Lyon.

in late July should end the great campaign of door-to-door, whose objective is to knock on 100,000 doors to feed the” diagnosis “on the state of the country that wants to establish the Minister, also working with academics. The movement will then present its proposals in October, hoping to influence the debate for the presidential

But the minister does not seem to have yet the financial resources of an application. According to his entourage, his movement had harvested in late May EUR 500 000.

Abused in polls

After a fanfare launch on April 6 movement running! seems skate for several weeks. The time when Emmanuel Macron was the most popular minister in the government already seems far away.

The Minister of economy is battered in the polls after the unfortunate episode of the “suit” in late May in Lunel, in Hérault. He then firmly told to work anti-militant that “the best way to pay for a suit, it’s working.”

A few days later, and revelations about his wealth tax, Mr Macron has confused his supporters remaining in government. In early June, he was greeted by throwing eggs during a visit in Seine-Saint-Denis. Tuesday morning, we read in the Est Républicain “both right and left, the government and its own lines, Emmanuel Macron has grown weary to his supporters “

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