Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Murder by a military Merah: State accused of “fault” and found partly responsible – Le Monde

Ceremony in memory of Abel Chennouf, a  military Montauban killed by Mohamed Merah in  2012.

Nîmes the administrative court ordered the state, saying the partly responsible for the death of Abel soldier Chennouf, killed by Mohamed Merah in Montauban March 15, 2012 in the company of another paratrooper, announced the court in a statement.

“the court considers that the decision to eliminate any measure monitoring Mohamed Merah, taken at the end of 2011 (…) constitutes an offense involving the liability of the State “, wrote the court that had been seized by the father of the military, Albert Chennouf Meyer.

“the fault has affected the chances of preventing the attack” , said the court, which “fixed to a third responsibility of the State “.

This was the second massacre committed by Merah, before that which cost four lives, including three children in a Jewish school in Toulouse.

the court noted:

“the difficulty of the mission of preventing terrorist acts and surveillance of radical individuals falling to intelligence services. “

but advanced at the same time:

” The Mohamed Merah’s profile, and [the] highly suspect nature of his behavior established for many years and reinforced [then] by his recent trips to Afghanistan and Pakistan. “

A” fault “

” In the circumstances of this case, so particular that Mohamed Merah had already made a first victim four days before the assassination of Mr. Abel Chennouf, the court finds that this fault has affected the chances of preventing the attack “ says the court in a statement.

According to the interior minister at the time of the facts, Claude Gueant, between 2007 and 2012, Mohammed Merah had “is the subject of dozens of wiretaps (…) of lengthy mills. There was an abandonment tracking Merah then a resumption of monitoring on his return from Pakistan “ in November 2011. ” The assessment was made that it did not represent a sign of danger , criminal intension “, was also explained Claude Guéant:

” Nobody has ever detected criminal intent home. “

Compensation for the widow and children

The application for compensation for parents and siblings of Abel Chennouf was rejected, because they have already been compensated, according to the ruling. However, the state was ordered to compensate the widow and the child soldier and his in-laws and the Guarantee Fund for victims of terrorist acts.

Mohamed Merah, an offender Toulouse, 23, had embarked on a series of jihadi scooter expeditions, and was successively a military killed March 11, 2012 in Toulouse and two in Montauban on 15 and finally three Jewish children and a teacher, father two of them, on 19 March at the Jewish school Ozar HaTorah (renamed “Ohr Torah”) in Toulouse. He was killed on March 22 by police in the apartment where he had entrenched

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