Participants at the “Gay Pride”, 2 July 2016 paris – FRANCOIS GUILLOT AFP

The killing of Orlando was still fresh in heads, this Saturday
 the Pride march in Paris. Three weeks after the shooting in this gay club in Florida, the United States, participants
 the largest annual gathering LGBT were reassured to see the controls at the entrance to the event, which is part of the River Seine at the Louvre, 15 hours, 17 hours to reach Bastille. The trip, twice shorter than usual (2.4km), was
 edited by the Prefecture of Paris and the Ministry of Interior for security reasons

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Measures understood by the demonstrators, some even being “too light” yet systematic excavations of bags. “They protect us from anything, so you do feel worried,” said Alain, 35, from Gironde and that comes in each edition for seventeen years. Accompanied by his friend, he was content to fly a rainbow flag this year: “Normally I disguise myself every time, but this year I’m too scared. “

” Many did not come from fear, I understand “

This concern is shared in the procession. Leslie and Vaïna, 20, have winced on controls at the entrance: “I thought it was weird, because the last two years, there was not and the course began to Montparnasse. “Thomas, 26, participated in his fourth Gay Pride:” Orlando was there not even a month, so if we shorten the path to security, I’m all for it. Much knowledge did not come from fear, I understand them. There are less popular this year because of the attack, but some just participate in reaction to it. I hope it is balanced, “he concludes. One of his running mates abounds: “I have many friends who are present only today following the killing of Orlando, to show that this is the year he must be present. “

accustomed Great Gay Pride, Stephanie, 34, sees in this edition a special connotation:” I did not want to be worried about my safety, on the contrary, it is the year when we must come many more! “Marcus, 50, a native of Berlin, now with her partner refuses pessimism:” Orlando is mourning. But the Gay Pride is something else we want to show our freedom and pride. I was on the subway in London during the 2005 bombing, I was in Paris at the Bataclan. I know we’re safe anywhere, but the risk is worth it. “

A tribute to law enforcement

Florent, 42, came with his son without fear:” When the music is so good, you forget everything really! “Barbara and her husband, a couple from San Diego, California, attended their first gay pride, and they were not there by chance:” I find it great! I may be unconscious but I’m not afraid to be here. Everyone has to be accepted, it is the only home message today, “if she enthusiasm in perfect French.

The organizers had invited everyone to wear black armbands to Orlando, followed a little instruction. Alain the Girondins had not at home, and Thomas was not even aware of. In the procession, between the tanks and rainbow flags waved by the demonstrators, some American flags were nevertheless involved in the festival in memory of the attack in Florida.

The procession was escorted by police and gendarmerie, which were entitled to their tribute towards the end of the event, before arriving at Bastille to 17 hours when an organizer announced “500,000 participants and 30,000 condoms distributed.” There was probably not as many protesters, but the prefecture should not challenge the second number