Saturday, July 2, 2016

A man killed by firearms in Toulouse, the third in three weeks – Le Parisien

U n man was killed by firearms, Saturday morning in a nightclub in the center of Toulouse, third homicide in less than three weeks in the city, a- it was learned from the floor, which favors the passionate track.
the investigation was entrusted to the Toulouse SRPJ, already in charge of investigations into the death of two other men killed in Toulouse on 14 and 21 June .
this time, however, “according to the first elements of the investigation, the murder seems to follow a private matter and is not akin a settlement account under the banditry” specified the prefecture and the prosecutor said in a statement.
victim of thirty years has been reached at least three balls in front of several witnesses, around 6:30 in the Arnaud Bernard area the “Reggae Pub”, a night bar located in the center of Toulouse, according to a police source. The original West Indian man died on the spot, according to firefighters.
His attacker fled and mobile would be private, perhaps to a passionate affair in the Caribbean community, told AFP the prosecutor of Toulouse.
“We can do link “between the murder and a knife attack came shortly after in the neighborhood, the victim of the second attack, a young man, having been out for the” Reggae Pub “added the prosecutor, which precludes any similarity of previous settling.
the evening of the Festival of Music, in the district of Mirail, a Russian of Chechen origin was gunned a scooter commando, who had fled.
night June 14 was a forty, known to justice for cigarettes and drugs trafficking, which was killed by several bullets by hooded men in a bar in Toulouse. in a statement, the police union SGP Unit lamented that “Toulouse becomes the months a city where obviously circulate firearms, where the settling of scores and vengeance are realized by executions in the street, a city with turf wars conducted on a considerable financial stake linked to a lucrative underground economy “.
Its regional secretary Didier Martinez denounced the lack of police manpower to fight against crime, saying that” 150 police officers are missing. ”
But for the prosecutor and the prefecture, “Toulouse, 4th city of France, seen a change in the delinquency under control” thanks to “the continued commitment of police forces whose action was reinforced by the presence of mobile forces (republican security companies or mobile gendarmerie squads) in priority security zones and also in the city center. “
Since early 2016,” the bodily integrity undergo a decrease of 2 , 62% and property crimes are down more than 4%, “added the prefecture and the prosecutor, adding that a” plan against firearms “was set up at this time.


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