Sunday, July 3, 2016

Hundreds of thousands of people in the Gay Pride Cologne marked by Orlando – Liberation

Hundreds of thousands of people marched Sunday at the traditional Gay Pride Cologne (West Germany) marked this year by a tribute to the 49 people killed in a gay nightclub in Orlando (United States ), according to organizers.

according to the spokesman of the event, Nils Schmidt, to 950,000 people demonstrated for tolerance but police, asked by AFP, declined to deliver estimation.

In memory of victims of the massacre of Orlando claimed by the organization Islamic State (EI), flags with the colors of rainbow sky were at half-mast and some demonstrators carried placards: “We are Orlando “(” We Orlando “) or wore T-shirts:” love is not a crime “(” love is not a crime “)

the Vice President of. Bundestag, the lower house of parliament, the environmentalist Claudia Roth, said in a speech: “We wear black ribbons, do not forget Orlando,” according to the website of the local newspaper Cologne Stadt-Anzeiger


“We want to express our respect and sorrow for all the victims,” ​​said for his part explained the head of the organization of the parade, Jörg Kalitowitsch, quoted by the German news agency DPA.

“Orlando is in discussion at the moment, and that’s why we use it as an opportunity – even if it is unfortunately a sad occasion well – to show that are everywhere, including in Germany, the victims of attacks “committed against homosexuals, has he added, the source said.

the organizers have assured in recent years that the annual parade colorful and musical in the Rhineland capital was the most important in Europe. Germany, Cologne is often presented as the capital of gays and lesbians in particular because of its tradition of tolerance.

On 12 June, 49 people were killed and fifty injured in Orlando when an American of Afghan 29 years opened fire inside an iconic club of the gay community. The attack was claimed by the Islamic State organization



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