Sunday, July 3, 2016

Paris – Faced with “risk of violence”, the PS wants to postpone its summer school – L’Express

Given the risk of violence in Nantes, where in any other place to hold the Summer of the Beautiful People’s Alliance, better postpone, suspend, University this summer. C is what I will do as the proposal involved in the alliance Beautiful People “(BAP), said on France 3 Mr. Cambadélis.

will be discussed in order to find another date that allows to do things with more serenity ,” added the deputy of Paris, that “ was threatened violence on our activists, they threatened to wreck the entire city . ”

Calls to disturb the University of the PS and its allies had increased in recent weeks, the conjunction of protest against the construction of the airport of Notre-Dames-des-Landes and the the labor law.

On June 18, a group of opponents of various persuasions, including “ zadistes “, and had promised to “ make impossible this summer school . ” Saturday, the unions of Loire-Atlantique opposed to El Khomri law announced a draft “ a big rally intersyndical ” in Nantes on 26 August.

Since the beginning of the protest against the bill, protests turned violent several times in clashes between rioters and police groups, including Rennes and Nantes. Local PS, of the CFDT, but also the CGT, were vandalized.

– Autumn University ‘-

On Twitter, the mayor of Nantes Johanna Rolland (PS) welcomed “ a responsible decision that meets (its) application “.

Not surprised ” but “ shocked in France, in a city like Nantes, we can not organize a debate (…) because” it is under the threat of violent actors “, the Green MP” reformist “Loire-Atlantique François de Rugy estimated” probably prudent to do so “.

President of the EDU, the main partner of the PS in the BAP, the State Secretary Jean-Vincent Place said: “ From the beginning, I say Nantes, it’s complicated because of schedule (…) unless we stop Notre-Dame-des-Landes.

a majority of Loire-Atlantique voters approved on Sunday the decision to move Nantes airport at Notre-Dame-des-Landes. The Prime Minister promised in the wake of the early work in the fall, and the expulsion of the ZAD.

So said a spokesman zadistes, “ Summer School in Nantes PS was similar for us to provocation ” and “ we welcome a broad movement (union, precarious, students, etc.) will be mobilized against . ”

This retreat shows once again that the government, and thus the Socialist Party have lost all legitimacy ,” according to a statement.

Autumn University ” in Dijon in October, as suggested by Mr. Placed ‘Mayor PS François Rebsamen told AFP “ sharing (r) the decision “Mr. Cambadélis, and discuss with him Monday.

Maire various left Montpellier and former dissident PS Philippe Saurel suggested on Twitter Jean-Christophe Cambadélis of “ everything ” in his city, where aubrystes will gather late August … and where Manuel Valls was booed Friday by opponents of the labor law.

For the PS deputy Yann Galut, “ the announcement of the postponement or elimination by showing the state of rupture with French .”

Sad to see how we got … ,” tweeted the “ slinger ” Pascal Cherki.

And Carvounas Luc, close to Manuel Valls, has tackled: “ Either we make a return to university is not … in the fall ‘in full primary’ Not a good idea, as have wanted to go to Nantes . ”

Jean-Christophe Cambadélis had a surprise in February by announcing the relocation of the Summer University of La Rochelle in Nantes, with the desire to enter into the space of the PS will to exceed the Beautiful People’s alliance.

Among Republicans, Eric Ciotti quipped Sunday: “ How far will they go into the ridiculous’ A party which has not met is no longer a party ” .


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