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national tribute to Michel Rocard Thursday Disable – The Point

A national tribute will be made Thursday in Michel Rocard at a ceremony at the Hotel des Invalides in Paris, while a rain of praise for the “statesman” or “visionary” s ‘continued Sunday in France, came from the entire political class.

the former prime minister, died Saturday at age 85, is to be cremated in the week in Paris, according to his son, Francis. His ashes will be buried later, probably in September, in Monticello near L’Ile Rousse, Corsica, where his last wife, Sylvie, is from.

Ceremony Protestant church, a tribute to Invalides and tribute to the headquarters of the Socialist Party, Michel Rocard, with a sense of history, left a will “very accurate” on the triple homage he wished for his death, the first secretary of the PS, said Jean-Christophe Cambadélis.

the ceremony will be chaired by the Invalides Francois Hollande and former secretary general of the CFDT Edmond Mayor should also speak. The tribute PS rue de Solferino will take place on July 11th.

And on Monday night, a moment of silence is planned for mayor, now RS, Conflans-Sainte-Honorine (Yvelines), which Michel Rocard was an elected official for 17 years and where some residents hailed Sunday on the market “a great man”.

Sunday morning, Francois Hollande visited the Paris Pitié-Salpêtrière, where former Prime Minister François Mitterrand’s death, him pay a personal tribute and salute his family, according to the head of state of the environment.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls also traveled to midday with the remains of his ” father in politics. “

Suffering from cancer, Michel Rocard” undergoing intensive treatment, he was preparing with great lucidity, courage and serenity his last months, “Hollande told the JDD. The Head of State said to have seen there is still a month “tired but perfectly conscious” on delivery of the Legion of Honour to the painter Pierre Soulages, “his friend.”

“I had seen it a few days ago and thought hold its meeting on the poles in a few days at the Foreign Ministry,” said the Minister of Economy, Emmanuel Macron.

Always “constantly thinking” as global warming, “his horizon was the planet,” said Hollande.

The craftsman of the RMI and the CSG made history by playing a key role in the Matignon -one of the best memories of his political life. “The New Caledonia crying one by which she could be reborn in 1988 with Jacques Lafleur and Jean-Marie Tjibaou, after a decade of civil war,” said the centrist Philippe Gomes, in unison tributes on “Caillou”

-. Valls and Macron claiming inheritance –

Since his death, the theorist of the “second left”, former Prime Minister presidential ambition always frustrated man and of “concrete utopias”, creates a momentum converge in a country in pre-presidential campaign.

on the right, former President Jacques Chirac paid tribute to his “old friend” since the early 1950s, and “a statesman” mingling, “rare way, the taste of concepts and the ability to act” in a statement sent to AFP.

on the left, where many emphasized the impression of this “passion” in the history of the left, even among those in disagreement with its political line, Jacques Delors and Lionel Jospin urged to turn on his contribution.

An “essential” to renew his camp, chose the former president of the European Commission, recalling “very clear differences between Francois Mitterrand and Michel Rocard” and the need to “reconcile two allow the PS to return to power. “

former Prime Minister himself spoke of” a social democratic-loving social dialogue “,” modernizing economy (…), not a neo-liberal ” .

Nicolas Hulot hailed “an exceptional man” who “had seized before other ecological issues.” Brigitte Bardot and raised the animal advocate who had just adopted a dog from its foundation.

The death of Michel Rocard also aroused emotion in Corsica, with tributes nationalist leaders.

In the younger generation to the government, as Manuel Valls Emmanuel Macron in regular disagreements have distilled coded messages on inheritance.

“If Michel Rocard at a time -but we can not rewrite history with if- was president, perhaps many of the debates that shake the left would be behind us, “blurted the current tenant of Matignon.

as for the founder of the movement “Run!”, he considered that “often France has been unfair with him (…) because it did not recognize his ideas, the originality of those -ci, it has sometimes been unjust even within his own family “

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