Monday, July 4, 2016

Paris – Rocard: the press welcome a man of conviction which marked French politics – L’Express

As party leader, Michel Rocard has marked the history of the left. As head of government, it leaves precious reforms ,” writes Libération, which devotes several pages to the former Prime Minister.

He leaves “ above all a moral action that will serve long model for those who want to govern ,” says the daily.

Le Figaro, Michel Rocard remain “ in history as the father of social democracy to the French, herald of a second left + + .” And titrate to a “ The modern left orphan Michel Rocard .”

Patrick Apel-Muller, L’Humanité, is not very soft: “ With him, a time goes, no legacy for the future .” “ Rest convictions of a man “, however, recognizes the editor.

The Man “ marked the French political life by his loyalty to his ideals, integrity and freedom of speech “, for his part said Dominique Greiner in La Croix.

No one could ever accuse or deny its values ​​or to have betrayed + + ideas ” insists Dominique Seux in Les Echos, which recalls that “ left, Michel Rocard was the only one at a time, to talk about the economy realistically .”

– ‘An inspiration’ –

Jean-Marcel Bouguereau, The Republic of the Pyrenees, “ he has embodied for over 50 years the best policy it. will miss in the public debate

There are two kinds of politicians. mountebanks and servants Michel Rocard was a statesman corresponding to the second group <. / em> “, asserts Jean Levallois, La Presse de la Mancha.

Pascal Coquis, Latest News of Alsace, sees Michel Rocard “ an inspiration for a generation of politicians, socialists but not only .” A “ source of inspiration for the entire French left and beyond for half a century ,” said Paul Caraci, the Midi Libre.

Pierre Frehel, the Lorraine Republican, said that “ was left on the roadside ” or even “ betrayed .” With “ his own camp and his constituents, the same who celebrate today ” laments Bertrand Meinnel, the Courier Picard.

But “ ideas irrigated the left and eventually prevailed: they are now in power His heirs are called Manuel Valls and Emmanuel Macron .” Analysis in Southwest Bruno Dive, which concludes: “ May his memory inspire hope to new generations of the left .”


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