Monday, July 4, 2016

The substantial displacement of Manuel Valls in Corsica – Le Figaro

The election of nationalist head of the island in December had overtaken the government. Economic aid, Corsican language, unique community, the Prime Minister, who had assured wanting to keep the “dialogue” must address several sensitive issues.

is awaited for. Manuel Valls performed Monday on his first visit as prime minister in Corsica, where the nationalist leaders of the executive of the island have put on the table the sensitive files. Since he is at Matignon, the prime minister maintains sometimes tense relations with the nationalists elected at the head of the island from their historic victory in regional elections in December. Gilles Simeoni was elected President of the Executive Council of Corsica and Jean-Guy Talamoni President of the Corsican Assembly, taking short executive who had not ancitipé the enthronement of the nationalists.

” France is a friendly country, “had immediately caused Jean-Guy Talamoni. The Corsican anthem had been sung in the Assembly of the island, which had spiked the mainland policies. Manuel Valls promised in December to maintain a “peaceful dialogue, constructive and peaceful,” but it could be heckled Monday. “There is only one nation, the French nation. There is no going back on that, “had he retorted, while it is attached to the unity of the Republic. Three working groups, devoted respectively to “the future and development of the Corsican language” in the “fight against land speculation and tax” and the establishment of “one community” had been created in the Following the elections.

“This move will be the opportunity to present the main proposals of the Government from the three working groups”, said Matignon. Manuel Valls, who had moved to Corsica when he was in Beauvau is accompanied by several ministers, Jean-Michel Baylet (Local Authorities), Audrey Azoulay (Culture), Stéphane Le Foll (Agriculture) Christian Eckert (Budget) Emmanuelle Cosse (Housing) and Najat Belkacem-Valaud (Education). Point displacement organ: the speech of the Prime Minister, after those nationalist leaders Simeoni Gilles and Jean-Guy Talamoni, the Assembly of Corsica. Manuel Valls will then travel to Bastia and the Cap Corse

-. “Political prisoners”

While the nationalists calling for “amnesty” for ” political prisoners “Corsican, Manuel Valls believes that this category does not exist in French law. He countered by ensuring that the rules of reconciliation “applied”. And with the exception of “Erignac commando” that killed the prefect of Corsica in 1998 that justice kept in prison on the mainland. “The construction of the new deal between Corsica and the State also passes (…) by the political treatment of the fate of the convicted, prosecuted or wanted for offenses related to the said political conflict,” wrote Gilles Simeoni in a letter to Matignon, June 29 The Associu Sulidarità, support organization for political prisoners, and the Corsican section of the League for Human Rights have called for protest Monday morning in favor of such a law of amnesty, near the Prefecture Corsica in Ajaccio, just as the ministerial delegation will be meeting.

– Corsican language

On the Corsican language, the claim of a “co-official” with the French has no chance of result, the executive has been very clear in its refusal. But the nationalists think to succeed, at the very least on the creation of a Corsican aggregation. “Perhaps it will bypass the state and look to Europe. If we close the door, it will go through the window! “Threat Gilles Simeoni, Le Parisien .

– Create a unique community

While at Matignon, Michel Rocard, died Saturday, was headed with his minister Pierre Joxe law on the status of Corsica in 1991, which created the “island of Corsica.” The Constitutional Council had also censored at the time the use of the term in the law “Corsican people” on the grounds that the Constitution “recognizes only the French people.” In an interview with Corse Matin , Manuel Valls reiterated that the single community, which is to replace the current region and two departments of Haute-Corse and Corse-du-Sud, will be launched in January 2018. It reiterates its desire to legislate by decree on this issue. “Everything has been done to that during my visit on Monday, an agreement is reached, and the ordinances of the ratification process by the Parliament to engage,” he announces. Le Parisien , Gilles Simeoni emphasizes its commitment to greater autonomy, including in tax matters.


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