Monday, July 4, 2016

Summer school canceled: Cambadélis does not mingle with “guerrilla” – Le Point

Event Socialist Party. The traditional Summer School that the political season mark will be postponed. Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, first secretary, returned to the postponement of the micro LCI. “It’s a decision that I will submit to the National Office (PS, Ed) and coordination of the Beautiful People’s Alliance. But for me, it’s final. “” We will see what we will do because it is a carry. “

” We are in a situation where in a few weeks, the PS hotlines were attacked, we even shot the gun, we want to ban our meetings. This is a very serious situation and I do not take responsibility for destroy a city , since it is proposed that these young people. I do not take the responsibility they have casualties, “he continues. “Of course the national police could secure the city, of course that the Socialist Party has the marshals to face. But I do not want to confront myself with a guerrilla with an ultra anti-democratic left has decided to do and the police, and the Socialist Party, “says the first secretary.

University fall

calls to disturb the University of the PS and its allies had increased in recent weeks, the conjunction of protest against the construction of the airport of Notre-Dames-des-Landes and that the labor law. On June 18, a group of opponents of various persuasions, including “zadistes” had thus promised to “make impossible this summer school.” Saturday, the unions of Loire-Atlantique opposed to El Khomri law announced a draft “a large inter-union meeting” in Nantes on 26 August. Since the start of the protest against the bill, protests turned violent several times in clashes between rioters and police groups, including Rennes and Nantes. Local PS, of the CFDT, but also the CGT, were vandalized. Jean-Vincent Place, member of government, offers a summer school in Dijon. This proposal will be made to the national office.


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