Monday, July 4, 2016

Labor law in the Assembly: almost 500 amendments solely on Article 2 – Le Parisien

L a law job back Tuesday, July 5 on the Assembly’s benches for a second reading. Nearly 500 amendments have already been received from Members solely on Article 2 of the Labour Bill, including one co-signed by 123 socialists to prevent a decline in overtime pay.

in total, some 1,100 amendments had been tabled for consideration in the new text reading as of Tuesday, could we see Monday afternoon on the Assembly website. There were nearly 5,000 for the first reading in May, during which the government had initiated Article 49-3 after the review of Article 1.

123 socialists hostile to Article 2

Article 2, which establishes the primacy of company agreements on development matters branch agreements of time work crystallized the hostility of opponents of the labor law, but the executive has served on several occasions his refusal to change it.

of the 493 amendments tabled to this article, several are aimed at removing the purely and simply. They are signed by the Left Front, the protesters environmentalists and also socialist whose Christian Paul, former ministers Aurélie Filippetti and Benoît Hamon and Yann Galut.

MPs PS, which primarily Olivier Faure , one of the vice presidents of the group, took an initiative to try to collect on this article. Their amendment, signed a total of 123 Socialists (over 40% of the group) “aims to ensure that a company agreement can not fix an overtime less than 25% surcharge for the additional first 8 hours and 50% for the following “according to the explanatory memorandum.

the bill provides that the company agreement precedence over the branch agreement for fixing the rate of increase, which shall not be less than 10%. The branches usually practiced today a rate of 25%.

“The balance, according to Bruno Le Roux”

the leader of the rebellious Christian Paul, co-signatory of the amendment, was found last week “a handy compromise” on labor law, provided that the government withdraw the issue of overtime to do not “undermine the purchasing power of employees.”

But Hollande assured that “Article 2 shall be maintained in its current form.” He did not rule, “in the absence” of a majority in the Assembly, an appeal “again” to the constitutional weapon 49-3.

The leader of Socialist MEPs Bruno Le Roux, said meanwhile that the bill as out of commission reached “the right balance”. He has already warned that he will not leave “to make a parliamentary guerrilla” on each amendment.


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