Monday, July 4, 2016

Hey oh the left Lille, “Blum also was a traitor!” – Liberation

It will become difficult for the Socialists to public meetings. Monday night, in the city center of Lille, the spokesman of the government, Stéphane Le Foll, decided to organize a new stage in its service of François Hollande policy under the label of “Hey oh the left ! “. It was without counting on the eve of the return before the deputies of the bill reforming the labor code, opponents of the text carried by the Minister Myriam El Khomri not disarm. Le Foll thus entitled to his welcoming committee: outside, fifty people are going to blow insults against the Socialists. We hear: “and” P “as rotten, and” S “as bastards! Down, down with the socialist party! “ Or ” Fascists! “,” Motherfuckers! “,” Everyone hates the PS! “. Three of them just cause the PS activists who provide the service order. It stretches a little. A sign is torn. Finally no more.

Inside the gym, Lille government, Patrick Kanner, denounced the “threats” “insults” and “physical assault” against the Socialists. “Extreme minority of ultra-left decided to prevent us from meeting, continues the Minister of Youth, and Sports City. It does us neither hot nor cold. “ This still requires ministers to go through the back door to avoid the insults and bad images that would go with. Le Foll happens. Also considers “inadmissible” “to be called a rotten and bastards” “We heard that at the time of the Popular Front and Blum [...]. They will be the first to come and defend advanced as widespread third-party payment or hardship when they will be attacked tomorrow by the right. “

” No, we did not betray the values ​​of left “

in front of more than 200 activists from PS inscription on the North or the Pas-de-Calais, the MP, Bernard Roman, which launches hostilities. But hardly had he invited the room to pay tribute with a minute of silence, Michel Rocard and made the presentations of his fellow ministers that a young man rises. He is holding a red placard that reads “49.3″ big black felt. He wants to “ask a question”. Roman invites him to wait until the floor be given to the room. He continues talking. Then decides to stand. Roman says. Said his “immense pride” achievements of Holland but his “anger” with regard to his fellow MPs called “slingers” and according to him, would “inoculate the left [...] the poison of doubt and division.” “No, we did not betray the values ​​of the left. We inherited a country dormant! “ he says. It stirs in the room. An activist stood up from his chair to hinder the opponent in red placard. The latter decrease, out of her bag a toy. The fact squeak by squeezing. It rattle. The stewards exfiltrate opponent of the room. Outside, his comrades are putting the pressure to try to enter and stay all evening before the doors of the dining booing activists who want to get out.

After leaving Clotilde Valter (Training ) and Pascale Boistard (Geriatrics) defending the government’s record, it’s Patrick Kanner monopolizing the microphone: “we need to be between us.” One who would take good result Martine Aubry for mayor of Lille in the upcoming municipal deliver one layer against the treason trial: “no, we will not repent of this five-year, he told to those. that award orthodoxy left patents [...] I said to them. govern is to take its responsibilities “ There is a list of all the reforms carried out since 2012 by comparing them with those offered by candidates right in the primary. “It would be left? he asks. Let shame to others. “

Blum Rocard and taken as an example

Le Foll takes over. He wants to fight against “doubts” the militants. “There will be nothing worse than going [in 2017] with a doubt” he says, standing and microphone in hand. It guides the eye to the militants PS representative Blum posters for the 80 years of the Popular Front. “He was also a traitor!” he recalls. He relied Rocard: “The CSG was challenged by the Communist Party and the CGT,” recalls Le Foll. The spokesman of the government urges his people to be “proud” “Our social model has not been touched, was not questioned. It has been adapted but was strengthened in opposite! That’s the difference between the right and left. “ He defends the policy for companies to ” save “ ” industrial fabric “. Can enquille on Europe and warns against “populist” calling for the release of Europe. The Brexit serves as an example: “We sold them the wind! We sold the moon their “ At school, health, ” we would do the lessons we left? “ Le Foll asks, somewhat nervous trials in “treason”. “No, we have not betrayed. It is true to the values ​​of the left, “ he insists, multiplying the arguments and examples, and warning against the ” divisions “. “It might be time for it to stop.” The likely use a second time, from 49.3 on labor law, are not help.

Lilian Alemagna special envoy to Lille


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