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Labor law (still) motion of censure left – Liberation

“Over four minus four … It’s zero.” Hall of the Columns of the National Assembly, Laurent Baumel still smiles despite another failure on Wednesday, MPs left to table a motion of censure against the government of Manuel Valls. If they managed to convince four new socialist deputies to join them in their response to 49.3 unsheathed a second time by the Prime Minister on the bill work, four signatories who were their two months ago they were lacking.

as in March, they collected 56 signatures of Socialist deputies, ecologists, communists and non members. They lack the two initials that would enable them to have a left-left unpublished debate in the Chamber. “Some colleagues have said” I feel the most. ” Others were called twenty times in the last four hours, “, argued Baumel. “Some were summoned into the office of Le Roux [president of the PS group, note], the plague a signatory. They were in the classical register of threats contestants and exclusion. All this is very bad because it gives the impression that we can not do it while it’s unique in the V th Republic “.

Valls: “We have only a relative majority”

just before his rebellious comrade, PS deputy of the Nievre, Christian Paul, denounced in an SMS “cynicism” and “pressure” suffered by some of his comrades. It is then 3:15 p.m., the time to collect the 58 signatures needed to file a censure motion passed. Work bill is adopted without a vote in second reading by the National Assembly and will return to the Senate before a final reading at the Palais Bourbon scheduled around July 20.

“Yes, a number of texts and important texts, we only have a majority, and that, I assume. Because it is this reality “, then declares, at the same time in the Chamber, the head of government in response to the president of the group Republicans, Christian Jacob, dressed again in Prime Minister Manuel Valls “the most unpopular of the V th Republic, the most rejected by the French, the most reviled” with his

Next episode:. primary

However, even if the opponents left the labor law had managed to file a censure motion, the opposition would never participated in an attempt to overthrow the government Valls. “Today ‘ hui, go through the motion of censure, it was a stab in the water, “, explained the deputy PS Cher, Yann Galut, who signed it two months ago but not this time. Because, he says, “What’s different now is that it is a political outlet: the primary. We will support another candidate and we will work to create the conditions for an alternative to François Hollande. “

In addition, on June 18, PS of the National Council, in a resolution had adopted the principle of “sanctions” if “vote a motion of censure” . “I do not want this gift Manuel Valls which aims to expel us from the PS , justifies Galut. He wants us roll but I do not want to make him happy to offer him the PS on a plate “ Baumel did not agree with his analysis. ” The censure motion was mostly symbolic and I do not believe in sanctions, he explained. in accepting the principle of a primary, Holland and Cambadélis have no interest in a split. “

“It’s good for my Federal”

Some officials of the Socialist group believe, them, their rebellious colleagues are not knowingly went after their threat “one of them told me:” If we get to 58, I withdraw my signature But if not, I want it known that I would have signed, it’s good for my Federal. “. “ it can always weigh in a vote of approval to some activists angry against the labor law.

Promised socialist” slingers “does not retenteront the sudden end of July, when the ultimate reading El Khomri bill to the national Assembly: “Now the fight is in the primary” , insists a signatory. Ex-PS, Pouria Amirshahi account, he, wearing the iron on the legal field. Concerned by “inability to reach a new course” and “facilitate consolidation” opponents of Hollande-Valls line to the left, the member of the French abroad hope to drop the text El Khomri the constitutional Council. For him, this law “contravenes” to certain international commitments of France. This time, it’s not 58 signatures of MPs but it will reap 60. At the National Assembly, or the Senate.

Lilian Alemagna


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