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2017: Macron’s supporters expect a bet “march in” – Liberation

or Partira not leave the government? Before or after the meeting of 12 July at the Mutualité in Paris? Meanwhile the epilogue of this drama that takes in breath Parisian microcosm, some of the most fervent supporters of Emmanuel Macron have already lost patience force chafe. “I am démacronisé” says even one of them. In the mouth of the asset manager, the formula is the bitterness of fate. The announcement of the first big meeting of “Running”, the little shop of Macron, was not enough to rekindle the flame. And even if the economy minister took advantage of this forum to announce its release of government, it would not change much, estimated regret this pillar of the Parisian microcosm. Not so much because his popularity has lost its luster since his altercation amid “pants” with two opponents of the labor law in Montreuil. But because now is no time to gather the nerve of the race for the Elysée: money. In financial circles, many share mezza voce analysis. “It’s too late, a slice leader CAC 40 A presidential takes planning and months and years in advance. Being a candidate is not improvised. “ Edouard Tétreau, genius of Financial Analysis converted back to the business strategy, is equally skeptical. “For a presidential campaign, we must raise almost € 18 million, he told This is monstrous. This is a real barrier to entry. “ With grants of up to 7500 euros per person (those companies are prohibited), the road is long …

” No lines a program “

” Macron president, “Tétreau are yet believed hard as iron. For almost ten years he met with former Secretary of Paul Ricoeur in the circles of Christian leaders, it has mégoté he nor his admiration or support. This liberal convinced was one of those that the minister met in Bercy this winter to discuss substantive issues and political strategy. On the evening of March 31, he was also the happy few Emmanuel Macron had invited to dinner to announce the launch on April 6, his political movement. There is obviously acceded sure the story would finally be accelerating, as the resignation of Macron government was now imminent. In early May, Edouard Tétreau even sent an email to several tens of knowledge to invite the two evenings at home with Macron, with the key hope to raise funds for its champion. The ambiguous attitude of the minister when the project is revealed by the media, disappoints. He discovered a Macron more anxious to spare the executive couple to assert its ambition. If he admits May 19 to “calls for donations” to “living movement,” Minister denies use of “fundraising in right circles of “ and multiplies the protestations of loyalty to François Hollande address. Tétreau, who believed the freedman, falls high. “If there is an ambiguity, a detention, a conflict of loyalty, I can not get a penny,” reported near the old François Bayrou Ishmael Emelien, former adviser Macron Bercy became czar Start.

This frustration, the number of potential contributors share. To not itself open to accusations of conflict of interest, the Minister of Economy has ignored too compromising service proposals: those of several big French bosses antisarkozystes as invitations entrepreneurial lobbies. “It has been proposed to receive in mid-April, but his office has not yet given us dates,” Stanislas accurate Bentzmann, president of Croissance Plus, the start-up of the lobby. “His vision to Tony Blair won, but it is too early to say if it would make a good candidate. We do not know where it is politically and not one has located the tail of a program” Some members have certainly contributed their mite to the young party “to see”.

Delicate equation

in the French Tech also Macron account ambassadors convinced, as Jacques-Antoine Granjon (private sale) or Marc Simoncini (Meetic), ready to mobilize their networks to help “a great guy”. But the vagueness of the calendar and the Minister of political positioning slows the heat. Or stops the end of May, visibility fault the intentions of Macron, Simoncini, who accepted the role of spokesman of the march, in-house ad that began tentatively back

. “in private meetings, Macron does not say if he will be a candidate, or if it is ready to go against Holland, says one participant. He prefers to speak of the march, and the need to program the presidential campaign of radical reforms which, according to him, must be incurred in 2017. When pressed, he replied stuff like “I will go to the end “, but does not lift the ambiguity.” for Christian Dargnat, president of Macron party financing association, the task is not simple. This former BNP Paribas Investment Partners has understood on 14 April, at a clip buttock held in London in the apartment of a sympathizer. Before going to the symposium on the future of Europe, the Minister meets a sixty French entrepreneurs, curious character. That day, a thousand miles from the rumor of a miraculous raising funds of 12 million euros, checkbooks remain in the pockets. At most, at the time of separation, Christian Dargnat called there each to leave his email, for subsequent reminders …

To release the grants, some grow the Minister clarity. This is particularly the case of Mathieu Laine, founder of the consulting firm Strategy Altermind, which says “tired of this kind of false flat”. On May 12, before the participants of the Founders Forum gathered for dinner at the Embassy of the United Kingdom, Liberal convinced that (also consulting François Fillon) was launched at the microphone a clarion call to Emmanuel Macron, guest star of the evening before the cream of the new economy minister English, the contractor had encouraged his friend to overcome his doubts, he had argued that “supply creates demand,” and was pressed to announce his candidacy for president. Macron had smiled at him, but not seize up the ball. “We exchange a lot but is very independent,” says Laine.

This is Emmanuel Macron does not want to tie the hands. The ideas are more important than those who wear them, he argued. His program, it means the development on the basis of citizens’ testimonies gathered by its members between May and July. Talking about application before submitting its “diagnosis for France” would be putting the cart before the horse, he believes, supported by those of his advisers who fear that leaving the government too soon, Macron does “chevènementise.” “We do not decide a political strategy based on financial considerations,” insists the PS deputy Richard Ferrand, companions of the young movement. The former CEO of Mutual Britain however, is not insensitive to the difficult financial equation Start. Buoyed by initial enthusiasm, donations poured in first, reaching mid-May 398,570 euros. In just one month, such collection is a small performance. Enough to pay without difficulty the provider electoral strategy and its three standing. But clearly insufficient to finance a national adventure. Macron did not worry too much, building on the momentum of its “long march” to fill the coffers. What “right circles” refuse it, the people will allow him, he bet: now the site of Running homepage openly calls for donations, however small …

“Financing Holland covertly”

Jean-Marc Barki, cofounder of Sealock, is among those who clicked. “The 1 000 euros that I have given, it is my stone for the reconstruction of the political structure,” says sherpa of the French delegation of G20 entrepreneurs who guard Macron, met in 2015, the memory of a minister to listen. “Go ask the people what they want is a good approach.” What Macron occurs or not for president, this supporter of François Fillon told to care. It nuance however: “If all this is ultimately to support Hollande, I’ll be very disappointed.” A doctor by profession, Philippe torch has also donated 500 euros per Internet. Convinced of the need to oxygenate the political, the official socialist section became “walker” does not rule out return to pot “later” if necessary. He does not doubt the importance of the role of Macron in the coming months. And, even if he decided to disappear ultimately benefit the incumbent. But admits the activist, everyone does not share his confidence in the ranks of Operating: “. Many want to be sure they do not finance Holland covertly” One theory not exercisable until January 2017, the head of State who agreed to participate in the primary PS …

the announcement of this primary has overtaken Macron. This competition he can not participate, except to scuttle his ambition transpartisan, depriving the space left. On 22 June, four days after the PS national council approved the consultation, the cons-offensive is committed: Running decide, at short notice, to organize its first rout without waiting for the famous “diagnosis of France.” The opportunity for Macron “clarify his vision” , as it promises the June 29 during an exchange with Twitter users. The question of big money could then become crucial. Mathieu Laine, who willingly plays the intermediary between his wealthy knowledge and the minister, if not frightening. For the liberal essayist, it is a certainty: “The day Macron out of ambiguity, there will be a second wave of very large donations in its favor.”

Nathalie Raulin


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