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Labor law: the motion of censure Left rejected two votes – L’Obs

Rejected two votes. The motion of censure left has failed to impose this Wednesday, July 6. Two months after a first attempt, the scene replays the same in the National Assembly. Part of the members of the majority yet threatened to endanger the government after the new remedy of the latter at 49.3 to get the Labour law without second reading vote.

In their motion of censure, the 49.3 parliamentary qualify him as “very serious matter”. “We can not accept this authoritarian act confiscating democratic debate”

After the deadline for filing a censure motion set at 15:15, the leader of the rebellious, Christian Paul acknowledged that the number of votes was not enough:

“We fought to the end against the cynicism, the … pressures and labor law. 56 MPs from all the left have accompanied this process. They go together. “

former ministers among the signatories

to be adopted, the motion of censure would total 58 signatures. She has received only 56. All members of the Left Front have initialed and the ten protesters environmentalists, ultramarine elected, non-registered and some Socialists. Former ministers Aurélie Filippetti, Benoît Hamon, Thomas Thévenoud and Cécile Duflot put their names at the bottom of the text.

The signatories are not automatically the same as those who had supported the previous motion of censure 11 May. Thus, the Socialist deputies Alexis Bachelay (Hauts-de-Seine), Isabelle Bruneau (Indre), Yann Galut (Cher) and Laurent Kalinowski (Moselle) did not wish to renew their choice in favor a motion of censure. Conversely, socialists Sylviane Alaux (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), Philippe Baumel (Saône-et-Loire), Nathalie Chabanne (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) and Herve Feron (Meurthe-et-Moselle) have this time decided to sanction the government .

the left Front group lamented in a statement “that the Socialist deputies who said to oppose the text or even to government brutality did not seize this single institutional leverage to end the contempt by the government to the people and their representatives. “

PS exclusion of Threatened

the reason for this caution is perhaps to be sought in political tactics . The First Secretary of the Socialist Party, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis had indeed warned the signatories Socialists elected a confidence vote would be expelled from the party and would therefore private investiture in primaries or legislation.

the President of the PS group in the national Assembly, Bruno Le Roux, who was expected to “result without suspense”, welcomed this failure sarcastically on Twitter. “Once again the convoy stopped in Morbihan without going to the Nièvre,” he joked, referring to the departments within the district of the rebellious Christian Paul.

When asked by President of the group Republicans in the Assembly, Christian Jacob, the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, assured that he would remain well in his post despite the distrust of some of his political family:

“I will continue to govern with the relative majority,” he firmly told.

in the absence of a motion of censure, the draft labor law has been automatically adopted by the Assembly Wednesday afternoon. The text will leave in a few days in the Senate before finishing his course at Bourbon Palace where the executive hopes to endorse on 22 July.

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