Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Montreuil: who is responsible for heart Eating in custody? – Point

The head of the center of Eating the heart of Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis) suspected of having invented an Islamist aggression against him will be tried in November for “crimes of denunciation or imaginary offense”, announced Wednesday the parquet Bobigny. “The investigation by the Crime Branch has (…) not confirm the elements of his account of the attack,” said the prosecutor in a statement.

Presented to a prosecutor Wednesday after his detention, he was summoned before the Bobigny Criminal court November 3, 2016 “to be tried for the crime of denunciation leader or imaginary offense, made it challenging,” the statement said. This 59 year old man had told police last week he was assaulted at knifepoint by two people shouting “Allah Akbar, infidel dog.”

wounded with knives in abdomen and collarbone, he himself had called for assistance on 1 July and told police he was attacked by armed groups with an ax and a knife. According to him, they shouted “Allah Akbar, infidel dog” by fleeing.


“No one has confirmed his statements,” said a source close to the investigation, noting that surveillance cameras had not recorded either images of people fleeing. The DNA of his wife – who was exonerated – “was found on the ax,” the source said, suggesting that the tool could belong to volunteer. The investigation opened initially for attempted murder, had been entrusted to the Crime Branch of the Parisian police.

On May 12, a Jewish teacher who was accused of having invented an anti-Semitic attack, days after the attacks of 13 November 2015, while sparking a stir, was sentenced to Marseille to six months suspended sentence. On February 12, a teacher of Aubervilliers who claimed to have been assaulted by a jihadist in his class before retracting had also been tried for imaginary crime of denunciation. He was acquitted on procedural grounds: he had recognized to have invented everything when he was hospitalized on morphine, confessions considered “not spontaneous” by the court of Bobigny, which hit the invalidity proceedings



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