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Labor law: after the new remedy at 49.3, is a motion of censure left possible? – The world

The Minister of Labour Myriam El Khomri,  July 5 in the Assembly.

Following the announcement by Manuel Valls a second point of 49.3 to pass the bill work, socialists slingers will they drop Tuesday juillett 5, a motion of censure, as they did in the first reading? Christian Paul, deputy of Nièvre and leader slingers, has not ruled out:

“Today we have a constitutional tool, we will decide collectively in the coming hours, I can not see for myself other way to react than to send a political signal even stronger as the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic. “

” Now there is only one option Members who wish to reject this text: file their own motion of censure “, reacted for their part the deputies of the left Front. “Enough postures! MPs vote #MotionDeCensure the government “, for its part, tweeted the presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon:

The FPI ready to sign a motion of censure

This time, groups of Republicans (LR) and centrist UDI have indicated, before the announcement of Mr. Valls, would not submit a motion on the grounds that we must stop the “masquerade” and leave the left settle accounts within it. “Valls is doing with its field of ruins” , justified the boss of RS MPs, Christian Jacob, giving “appointment” to voters in 2017 to change majority.

the number 2 of the National Front, Florian Philippot, for his part said Wednesday that Republicans were not taking their responsibilities by not filing a motion of censure and said that FPI members were ready to sign a motion of censure “wherever it comes from”

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required 58 signatures

the Constitution provides that the Assembly may oppose the government’s decision by filing, within twenty-four hours following the use of 49.3, a motion of censure that must be signed by at least one tenth of the members of the national Assembly, or fifty eight members.

the vote on this motion of censure must take place within two days of its filing and only votes in for the motion are counted at the polls. To be adopted, a censure motion must receive an absolute majority of votes of deputies, ie 288 votes out of 574 (three seats are currently vacant).

The question is whether the “slingers” Socialist MEPs opposed to government policy, succeed by Wednesday at 15 am to collect the necessary signatures. In May, they had failed to little, two votes

The SP leadership has in any case been very clear in its national council on 18 June. In case of motion of censure from its ranks, the signatories Socialist deputies would be excluded from this time PS, making impossible their participation in the primary

It remains to see how many Socialist deputies will be willing to brave the threat. the left wing PS, behind Senator Marie-Noëlle Lienemann or MEP Emmanuel Maurel, has no desire to leave the socialist ship. However, several sources within the PS reported in World hesitation Arnaud Montebourg or Benoît Hamon (Yvelines).

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If such a motion of censure was tabled and passed, it would overturn the government. This should then resign and the text would be rejected. But in fact, never use 49.3 has led to this situation. The version of the text on which undertook the 49.3 is available on the Assembly website

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The shadow of 49.3

The shadow of 49.3 hovered for several days now. Tuesday morning, the meeting between Socialist veered “court” refractory, according to a participant.

“The dialogue comes to an end” found the rapporteur Christophe Sirugue, feeling “shorted” by an amendment signed by almost 130 Socialists on guarantees for overtime, Olivier Faure – close to Jean-Marc Ayrault – as first signatory.

the government made concessions last week with amendments to reaffirm the role of branches. But, according to opponents, without setting “heart” . Article 2 enshrining the primacy of company agreements for the development of working time

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