Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The morning: Work Act, Bruno Lasserre, Manuel Valls meetings Paris Europlace – The Opinion


#LOITRAVAIL – Members have until this afternoon, 3:15 p.m. to file a motion of censure on Labor law. The Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, announced last resort to 49-3 to adopt the text without a vote. Slingers hope to collect the 58 signatures needed to file a censure motion. The break in the majority seems more than ever consumed. Opponents of labor law have chosen to organize a meeting. The seven leaders of trade unions of workers and youth (CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires, UNEF, UNL and Fidl), so will speak on Wednesday afternoon at the gym Japy in Paris in the 11th arrondissement, in a festive atmosphere


#BRUNOLASSERRE . – the president of the Competition Authority has the balance sheet annual work of its teams. It usually want to remind the economic virtues of competition; Last year, he had advocated the sharing economy, calling not to bridle in his developments.


#INVITESURPRISE – Manuel Valls is noon the surprise guest, and last-minute financial meetings in Paris Europlace. Traditionally, only the Minister of Finance just go every year rarely exciting speech to representatives of the Paris financial center. But while the appetites are sharpened in Europe to get financial loans to pack their bags after Brexit, the arrival of the Prime Minister, eclipsing Michel Sapin, portends strong ads, especially on taxation. #VOTE – the Assembly votes by open vote on the bill on equality and citizenship. Socialist MEPs have failed to convince the government to implement certain measures, such as the receipt during identity checks. But the text goes a little unnoticed, law Job monopolizing the debate

#RETROUVAILLES -. Manuel Valls is expected in the late afternoon in Lyon (Rhone) where he will sign the state-Métropole pact, which aims to support international attractiveness of cities. It will be hosted by Gérard Collomb, President of the Grand Lyon Metropole. The two men are cold since Senator Rhone is a faithful support of Emmanuel Macron, dreaming that he embarks on the presidential campaign of 2017. In the evening, Manuel Valls should attend the first semifinal of the Euro, between Wales Portugal. The match will be played at Parc Olympique Lyonnais

#ROSETTEPARTY -. And presto, a new decorating session tonight at the Élysée Palace … François Hollande honors Guy Canivet, first Honorary President of the Court of Cassation, the former international referee Bruno Derrien or former minister André Rossinot, now president of the metropolis of Greater Nancy.

#LOPINION – At 8:45, Nicolas Beytout receives Caniard Étienne, former President of the national Federation of Mutuality French . Do not miss any proprietary information of opinion by following us on Twitter Facebook LinkedIn .


# 188000 – This is the number of additional people who joined the job in 2015, according to INSEE. This figure shows a slight recovery, mainly driven by job creation in the merchant service industry and the rebound in the interim.


#ASIE – More than 180 people died in China after heavy flooding that affected eleven regions of the country and millions of people are affected by the floods of the Yangtze River: overhaul orange alert, the country should be Thursday suffered a typhoon with winds could exceed 200 km / h. For now according RFI, more than 56,000 houses were destroyed and millions of hectares of farmland are under water, and 180 deaths. In total, over 30 million people are affected by the rains, which particularly affect farmers in Anhui Province, south of China. Economic losses are estimated at around 7 billion euros


AMERICA # -. Hillary Clinton “very careless” but not guilty putative candidate of the Democrats will not be charged for using the private messaging when she ran the State department. The FBI estimates that it had no intention to violate the law, even if 110 received or sent emails contained classified information. The Republican candidate Donald Trump immediately denounced on Twitter a “rigged system” and the supposed protection of the Obama administration enjoyed, he said, “Hillary dishonest.”


#EUROPE – € 1.8 billion investment by 2020. This is the objective assigned by the Commission to the first partnership European public-private cybersecurity launched today in Strasbourg. The EU will invest € 450 million as part of its program for research and innovation Horizon 2020; market players, represented by the European Organisation for Security (ECSO) should in turn invest three times more. This partnership will also bring together national, regional and local governments, as well as research centers and universities. Objectives: stimulate cooperation at an early stage of research and find solutions to different sectors. At least 80% of European businesses have experienced at least one incident related to cybersecurity during the past year, and the number of such incidents rose by 38% in 2015.


#BREXIT – In Les Echos, it is estimated that Brexit revives fears of a “currency war”. The reasons are many, already because “the markets see China take the opportunity of Brexit to organize a decline in its currency. The dollar rose from 6.58 to 6.69 renminbi since the British referendum on the offshore market. A devaluation underhand of the Chinese currency would have repercussions throughout Asia, where some countries (Singapore, Taiwan, Korea …) are engaged in longtime currency war “


#VERSTAGER – “It’s important to get out of the sadness Brexit to work on a Europe that remains the best place to live on this planet. If we forget this, we will not find neither the strength nor the resources nor the determination to solve our problems, “says the European Commissioner in charge of Competition, Margrethe Vestager. Star of the Juncker Commission, as respected as powerful, Margrethe Vestager believes that following the Brexit, “the best thing to do is to show that responsibility is taken collectively.” Free access to the Opinion



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