Marine Le Pen, January 7, 2016 in Nanterre. – CHAMUSSY / SIPA

Marine Le Pen is still furious. The boss of
 National Front was discovered on Friday morning, a picture of her in a swimsuit cover
 the people Closer magazine. The “fly” picture was taken on a beach
 Corsica. It shows the president of the far-right party in a bathing blue-white-red bath, wearing sunglasses and laughing.

Another photo also shows sunbathing on the deck of a pleasure boat.

the president of FN immediately announced his intention to attack the magazine to justice. “I’m obviously going to file a complaint against this infringement characterized
 to privacy. This hunt is both violent and degrading time, “she told the
 Lab Europe 1

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“I fiercely protect my privacy and that of my children forever,” a- she added. Marine Le Pen also said it will attack all those who reproduce the photos published in the magazine.

This is not the first that Closer publishes photographs of politicians in undress in her pages. The celebrity magazine had already published it a few years ago,
 pictures of Ségolène Royal in a bikini