Friday, July 1, 2016

Givors trouble remembering the French militia he showed to the police? – Francetv info

The website “Lyon Mag” published photos of maps of the French militia displayed until recently the police station in Givors. Management of Public Security Rhone opened an administrative investigation to look into the matter clear.

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Reminiscent of a troubled time in the history of France displayed nostalgia or the Vichy regime? -it Is still the magazine Lyon Mag was able to get pictures of two identity cards to the French militia who were pinned there again soon on a billboard from the police station of Givors.

website “Lyon Mag” published proof of these allegations with photographs unambiguously made in April. “What these two identity cards are pinned up in a police station in the Republic has enough challenge, especially more that this office is accessible not only by the police but also by in custody or complainants who can be interrogated. “

” Lyon Mag “also reminds incidentally the French militia played a role in tracking down Jews between 1943 and 1944 and resistance of the time. It has provided support to the Gestapo and actively collaborated in their deportation.

This information was immediately verified by the Departmental Directorate of Public Security of the Rhone, which publishes this statement: “The immediate conducted by the head of department audits did not confirm these facts, no display of this type have been found in all
of police offices. “

the DDSP Rhone, Lucien Pourailly, nevertheless announced” the need to shed light on this matter “and” in the interests of transparency “.It has ordered an administrative inquiry.


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