Friday, July 1, 2016

The Regional Council of Ile-de-France are heading to the “9-3″ – Liberation

Soon, the Paris regional councilors and staff will have brand new offices, a gym, and even a high-performance WLAN. The institution’s headquarters will move, announced Friday July 1, Valérie Pécresse, RS President of the Regional Council of Ile-de-France. Exit expensive 7th arrondissement of Paris, and hello to the ZAC des Docks de Saint-Ouen town in Seine-Saint-Denis (93), which will accommodate 2500 employees in two buildings. Netixy built by the developer, “Influence” and “Influence 2.0″ – that is their names – will be operational respectively in January 2018 and January 2019. The Regional Council, which launched a tender will not have that to install: it is not financially involved in their construction, already begun

This change of address, Valérie Pécresse wants “pragmatic, economic and symbolic .”. Currently, the institution is spread over eleven different sites in not necessarily modern buildings and standards – accessibility issues for people with disabilities or excessive energy consumption were notably singled. If the Regional Council has seven of the eleven sites host services for an area of ​​33,000 mètres², he praises others. And it’s expensive: € 30 million per year to 50,000 mètres² mansions. The rental of new buildings of Saint-Ouen, would cost 21.2 million euros a year. The move was a promise made by Valérie Pécresse during his campaign for regional elections. “My mandate is placed under the sign of the commitments required” she said, three days after increasing the Passe Navigo, as she had said the opposite before being elected.

“We learned from the press!”

on the move, the left speaks of a “shot com” of the president, but it is when even embarrassed the armholes, since the regional council seat will go to one of the most middle-class neighborhoods of Paris, a popular suburb. But Jonathan Kienzlen, regional councilor PS, Valérie Pécresse wants “redeem himself from the Seine-Saint-Denis, after a rather clivante campaign over this department” . It also criticizes the method used by Valérie Pécresse: “I have nothing against the move in itself. But elected officials were not consulted about the choice of site. It was learned from the press! Basically, it is she who chooses everything, all the time, all alone “

press conference in Response interested. ” Chairing is deciding . “ And remember that the decision to move was voted in plenary session in January. Site selection, he happened gradually: the 37 starting six and three were selected based on a range of criteria – location, safety, environmental quality link … In particular with staff representatives

pass the pill Passe Navigo

the CGT issued in a statement “very serious reservations” on the Saint Ouen site, due to “the immediate proximity of waste incineration plants and district heating plants using coal” . The union also recalls that in 2010, an association based on a public inquiry, was considered risky because of the build offices in the area. The president of the association at the time? A William Delannoy, elected municipal IDU at the time in opposition. Today, in 2016, he was mayor of Saint-Ouen, and accepts the project.

Still, some gray dots are not yet settled. The area she will sell its properties – worth 250 million euros – or the rent? “Nothing is stopped, it will depend on more beneficial for regional finances” meets Valérie Pécresse . Regional Adviser (LR) delegate to the move, Thierry Meignen ensures “in the event of sale, the money raised could be reinjected into the purchase of new buildings of Saint-Ouen” . The region has indeed filed a purchase option on the two buildings. The eventual price of the buildings was not disclosed.

The savings on the current leased, would be “allocated to improving transport conditions” in the Paris -France said Thierry Meignen, just to get the pill the last increase in the Passe Navigo.

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