Friday, July 1, 2016

Austria: that he is going to happen after the cancellation of the presidential election? – The Express

Thunderclap in Austria after the cancellation of the presidential election by the Constitutional Court on Friday. This unprecedented decision, which validates the appeal filed by the far-right Freedom Party, was taken after an accumulation of negligence in the counting of ballot boxes and ballots that vitiate the result.

Many questions now arise after this unprecedented situation where an interim will be set up at the head of the presidency of Austria.

How will happen this interim?

The environmental candidate Alexander Van der Bellen had won in May against the far-right candidate Norbert Hofer narrowly. Less than 31 000 votes had separated the two candidates.

ANALYSIS & gt; & gt; Election in Austria: “This is a Pyrrhic victory!”

After this decision of the Constitutional Court, an interim will be set up at the head of the state. Alexander Van der Bellen was originally scheduled to take office within a week, on 8 July.

The interim will be provided collectively by the president and the two vice presidents of the National Council, the lower house of parliament, which include Norbert Hofer, the far-right candidate. However, the latter promised to “strictly separated” its candidate helmets and interim leader while welcoming the “difficult decision” of the Court.

When is the election?

The Austrian voters will be called to vote in a new runoff between the ecologist candidate Alexander Van der Bellen and the far-right candidate Norbert Hofer. This election will likely be held in the fall.

A week after the Brexit the Future of Austria in the European Union (EU) could emerge as one of the major topics of the short coming campaign. The FPÖ, as the National Front in France campaigning for a Europe “à la carte”. If he does not necessarily calling for referendum, it has recently hardened its position on the EU and requires reforms of its operation.

A new opportunity for the extreme right?

The decision of the Constitutional Court is a new opportunity to the Austrian far right to seize power. But faced with this possibility, the ecologist candidate, Alexander Van der Bellen said he was “very confident” in another victory: “We will again garner broad support,” he said.

While in France, the president of the National Front, an ally of the FPÖ to the European Parliament, is very confident of a victory Norbert Hofer.

“This new poll is good news for the Patriots, and is part of the Spring of Nations that our countries are going through. After the happy victory Brexit UK, the rise of Euroscepticism in Italy, Austria also has the opportunity to return to the path of freedom and national pride. soon will come the turn of France, “she exults in a statement. MEP Beatrix von Storch, elected German populist AFD, has also welcomed the decision: “first the Brexit now new elections in Austria (…) quite a week.”


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