Friday, July 1, 2016

Seine-Saint-Denis: a charge of assaulting heart knife Eating – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The facts took place on Friday in Montreuil, near Paris. The victim aged sixties was taken to hospital. The attackers, a man and a woman fled, are actively sought.

A volunteer in charge of Montreuil heart of Eating in Seine Saint-Denis was brutally attacked on Friday morning, several police sources refer to Le Figaro , confirming Europe information 1. “a couple went to the local association early this morning and attacked with knives, “explains a police officer. The victim, aged sixty years, would have taken three stab wounds, he added.

Wounded man then called the fire around 7:30 am, reports his side the prosecutor of Bobigny, which opened a manslaughter for investigation. When questioned by police, the victim said that a couple showed up at the home of this distribution center, exceptionally closed today. “For no apparent reason, a man of African type, it would then directly brought an ax dodged the victim while the woman, veiled with unveiled faces have struck him multiple stab wounds that have reached at abdomen, “wrote prosecutors in a statement. Then “the attackers would then fled shouting ‘Allah Akbar, infidel dog.’”

The victim, who was conscious when help arrived, was transported to ‘hospital. His prognosis is no longer engaged. The prosecutor of Bobigny grabbed the crime squad of the Paris police who went there. An important security perimeter has been deployed. The ax and the knife described by the victim were seized by investigators and two alleged attackers are actively sought. “For now, no track is privileged,” said a police officer. “The situation remains unclear, we remain cautious, especially about the motives of the attack.” The police still have in mind that this teacher had lied about his aggression in Aubervilliers in December 2015.

In the late morning, the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has “expressed its deep indignation” expressed its “sympathy and solidarity” to the family of the victim and said that “any light on the reasons for this unjustifiable aggression and identify the perpetrators so they meet in court.” “This despicable and cowardly act strikes a great personality of the city of Montreuil, devoted to the weakest and poorest”, for his part responded the Mayor, Patrice Bessac (PCF), in a statement. He addressed his “support and solidarity to the families and friends of the victim and members of the association in the event they are going through.”


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