Friday, July 1, 2016

Paris: My vehicle is it affected by the new anti-pollution measure? – TF1

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> Plan the Paris air Quality forbidden by the Mayor of the City, Anne Hidalgo, extending Friday 1 st of July. A year after banning the movement of trucks and buses (gasoline and diesel), registered before 2001, new Car can not flow between 8 and 20 hours during the week in Paris intramural.

But what are the vehicles involved? What will serve the restriction? What do I risk if I do not respect this measure? MYTF1News an update.

Who is involved?

According to the City of Paris, the measure introduced Friday only affects 10,000 vehicles of all categories in Paris. But his side the association 40 million motorists advance a figure of 600,000 to 800,000 vehicles involved in the Ile-de-France.

Regardless, one thing is certain, vehicles no longer have the right to move are: passenger cars registered before 1 st January 1997 and light commercial vehicles registered before 1 st October 1997. these two categories are added motorcycles put into circulation before 1 st January 1999. If you have one of its vehicles you no longer have the right to move into central Paris weekday from 8h to 20h.

What do I risk if I do not respect this measure?

For now you do not risk … a call to order until 1 st October 2016. however, as of this date, you risk a fine of € 35 if you check with your old vehicle. And from the 1 st January 2017 will increase the ticket with 68 euros for cars and 135 euros for trucks.

What are the objectives?

By banning these vehicles to operate, the City of Paris seeks to fight against the Pollution . With this measure, Anne Hidalgo, wants to lower air pollution levels that have reached critical levels in the capital. This is a major public health issue for the City of Paris.

According to data provided by the Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADEME), the municipality says that 50% of the pollution comes from vehicles that have more than ten years. In a computer graphics published on its website, the municipality says that road traffic is responsible for two thirds of the nitrogen dioxide emissions and 55% of particulate emissions in Paris. She also added that during peak pollution we breathe the equivalent of eight cigarettes smoke in a room of 20m².

Aid for individuals and small entrepreneurs

in order not to excessively penalizing those affected by this measure and encourage other Parisians not to use their vehicle in the capital, the city of Paris offers financial aid.

So Parisian individuals can claim a maximum amount of 400 euros to pay part of the Navigo pass, a Vélib ‘subscription or help buy a bike. To qualify, the three criteria to be met:

– abandon its gasoline vehicle registered before January 2006 or diesel vehicle before January 2011;

– promise not to buy Car for five years;

– and commit to respond to inquiries from the City of Paris on practical mobility for two years.

For small entrepreneurs of the capital but also those of the Val-de-Marne, Hauts-de-Seine and Seine-Saint-Denis, assistance is available up until ’9,000 euros to buy an electric vehicle or NGV. For, we must commit to abandon his old vehicle and meet for two years to the same questionnaire as individuals.

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