Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Nicolas Hulot will not run for president – The World

Nicolas Hulot, on 31 May 2016.

“After careful consideration and number of consultations for several months, I decided not to run for president,” announced ecologist Nicolas Hulot, Tuesday, July 5.

“what I see is a society concerned, fragmented and disillusioned by crises that cross and the lack of policy response. But what I see, too, is an impulse to invent a better, more just and supportive. What I want is to unite and reconcile these aspirations and solutions to carriers around the same project for France. “

” What I can not, this is don the habit of the providential man and presidential. I do not feel sufficiently armed or seasoned enough for this “, says former envoy Francois Hollande for the protection of the planet.

Favorable polls

A call for his application had yet collected in a few weeks tens of thousands of signatures. Surveys the people credited with a score between 9 and 11% in the first round of presidential elections.

Less than one in three French (31%), however, wanted the environmentalist involved in this election, even if it has a good public image, according to a Odoxa poll for Le Parisien / Aujourd’hui published in May.

“a primary is needed”

the eyes are now turning to Europe Ecology-the Greens, who wanted a Hulot application and does not intend to participate in the primary to the left initiated by the PS and which should take place in January. The national secretary of Europe Ecology-Greens (EELV), David Cormand, immediately responded on Twitter:

Matthew Orphan, very close to Nicolas Hulot, said on Twitter disappointment but said he respected his decision. “Nicolas Hulot will not run in 2017. I respect his decision. Like many, I would have liked it to be another “, it said on his Twitter account.

The Senator EELV of the Val-de-Marne Esther Benbassa is much less indulgent towards Nicolas hulot, it calls a “diva”

Karima Delli MEP EELV, this decision highlights the need for an internal primary for EELV:


it’s been several weeks that Nicolas Hulot maintained the suspense around his candidacy, he promised to make public in the autumn at the latest. In his entourage, as among environmentalists, many are urging him to run. A small team already gravitated around him: political, as Pascal Durand, former head of EELV, former MEP (EELV) Jean-Paul Besset, intellectuals such as the philosopher Dominique Bourg … Cécile Duflot, who not hide his presidential ambitions, has always ensured that she would leave him if he decided instead to stand. In polls, it posted an insolent popularity between 9% and 11% of the vote

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the former host of “Ushuaia” will therefore remain at the head of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation for nature and man (FNH). The latter had changed its name in 2011 – she became the Foundation for Nature and Man – when its president had resigned to engage in the battle of the environmentalist primary for the 2012 presidential election after his failure against Eva Joly, he had taken over the controls

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