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In Corsica, Valls reiterated his rejection of coofficiality of the Corsican language and resident status – The World

Manuel Valls in Ajaccio.

This is his first visit as Prime Minister on the island of Beauty. Manuel Valls rejected again, Monday, July 4 the demands of Corsican nationalists including prisoners “political” , the coofficiality of the Corsican language and the establishment of a resident status to curb speculation, repeating that it was “red lines”

in a speech to the Corsican Assembly. – highlight of his trip before traveling to Bastia and the cap Corse – the chef the government, however, announced several measures for the island.

measures for education

Mr. Valls announced from the rostrum of the Territorial Assembly an effort in favor of education. Each school of the Academy of Corsica will be able to offer a bilingual stream and twenty teaching positions will be created in the next six years. An aggregation of “Corsican language and culture” will be in place.

Despite the “constitutional constraints that frame the action” of the government, Mr. Valls announced the search for “legal way to extend the special derogation” in force in Corsica on inheritance tax to avoid the face of sharp increases in prices, dispossession of family properties.

“a proposal for a law firm supported by the government” should be presented in autumn by the islanders parliamentarians, said Mr Valls.

Calendar view on the single community

the unique community, which should replace the current region and two departments of Haute-Corse and Corse-du-Sud is one of the main projects to be addressed by the Prime Minister during this visit. A consultation has been entrusted in February minister Jean-Michel Baylet to try to raise the disagreements on this issue.

“new page of decentralization” of the island will illustrated by the creation of a territorial chamber sitting in Bastia, the most extensive composition and skills increased relative to the “local authorities coordination conference” statutory Our (new organization territorial of the republic) on decentralization. The government was so far not supported the creation of this room.

The timing of the 1 st in January 2018 he will be required? “Of course. The Government will keep its commitments “, says Mr. Valls, while maintaining its intention to legislate by decree.

As regards possible legislation exists instead of prescriptions, “the parliamentary calendar is already extremely tight and it will, anyway, through the law for ratification of orders. Do not waste time, most do not lose sight of “, says the Prime Minister.

New tranche for PEI

M . Valls also announced a new tranche for the exceptional investment program (PEI) for Corsica, 70% financed by the state. This PEI, the third tranche (2014-2016) expires, will have a “fourth agreement amounting to 450 million euros” .

single french department from 1811 to 1975 Corsica was divided into Haute-Corse and Corse-du-Sud there are forty-one, simultaneously becoming a region. Three statutes of 1982, 1991 and 2002 have established an institutional separate status, a territorial unit of a strengthened executive.

There is no “political prisoners France “

Reiterating that there is no ” of political prisoners in France “, the head of government has dismissed the idea of ​​an amnesty, already passed by the majority of the Corsican Assembly.

“the rule of law is the implementation of sentences imposed by the judicial authority” has -he said, adding that it was necessary “put aside unfit terms and against-truths, that blur the public debate” .

Mr. Valls mentioned “respect for the principles of humanity” about detention on the mainland that make “challenging the organization of visits and maintaining family links” .

historic victory of nationalist regional

if he had made several trips to the island as interior minister, c ‘ is the first visit of Mr. Valls, who maintains sometimes tense with the nationalist camp reports, since he is at Matignon. It is also the first visit of the highest level – president or prime minister – from the nationalist victory Simeoni Gilles and Jean-Guy Talamoni the regional elections of December 2015

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This unprecedented election victory had led to a meeting of the two men with Manuel Valls at Matignon, the fruit of which was the creation of three working groups dealing respectively with “the future and development of the Corsican language” in the “fight against speculation land and taxation “and the establishment of” one community “scheduled for 1 st in January 2018.

” This movement will be an opportunity present the main government proposals from the three working groups “, said Matignon

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