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labor law: Not surprisingly, the government invoked a second time on 49.3 – The World

Manuel Valls and Myriam El Khomri June 29

No suspense, the government was liable on the bill work, income on second reading in the national Assembly, Tuesday, July 5. Before MPs, the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, blasted “an alliance of opposites, an alliance of conservatism and standstills” by targeting the right and left-wing opponents to the bill. Recalling that 800 amendments were integrated in first reading the draft, he defended a text “compromise” , which gives more space to the “social dialogue” in the company:

“This text is a text progress, social progress, it has been the subject of extensive consultation. There are those who claim to deconstruct artificially. And those who patiently build it. Since day one, the government dialogue with the social partners (…) step we built a compromise. “

” The company is the appropriate level, including the negotiation of working time or overtime. This is for employees and employers to reach an agreement “ , has he also assured, referring to Article 2 of the Law, which enshrines the primacy of agreements business on industry agreements, and crystallized the hostility of opponents of reform


“Those who do not agree with the text” have until Wednesday 15 hours to file a censure motion. If this is not the case, the text will be finally adopted. The group Republicans, who already said he would not file a motion, left the benches of the National Assembly at the announcement of 49.3.

A decision expected

the Prime Minister had indicated, at the meeting of the Socialist group in the late morning, he was ready to re-apply Article 49, paragraph 3, of the Constitution to adopt text without a vote. “You have to stop playing, not for us but for the French” , said he was, calling it “fuss” “incomprehensible debates “ led by him by” rebellious “and adding: ” What do we want? Enact a break with this great union CFDT what? I do not play. I take my responsibilities in the interest of the country and I assume. “

After four months of political and social battle that has already led to the executive liability during the first passage of the bill in the Chamber, in May, the government and the “rebellious” of the majority have in fact not found a compromise. The Prime Minister, as head of state, therefore, wished to go fast and close the case before the traditional presidential speech of July 14.

“The risk is less political and social that use that can do some to commit violence “, was still said Mr. Valls, targeting the actions of vandals in recent events. “We discussed with the group in the Assembly, was unchanged from the first version of the law and a strategic choice was made to Article 2. It does not want to go back, then that the coherence of our economic policy is beginning to bear fruit, “ says, meanwhile, the entourage of the President.

Article 2 of the law, which enshrines “inversion of the hierarchy of norms” is rejected both by the “rebellious” the PS, but also by the trade union front composed of the CGT, FO, Solidaires, FSU and student unions.

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additional working time and hours

the bill, back in the Palais Bourbon, was reinstated by the social Affairs Committee in the version adopted on 12 May and détricotant changes made by the right in the Senate. Incidentally, the government has proposed three amendments to try to convince some of the “rebellious” to strengthen the role of branches in several sectors

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But no question of changing the provisions on working time. The amendment proposed Monday by 130 socialist deputies on overtime pay therefore will not permit, he seems to reach a compromise with the government. This amendment, which aims to keep 25% instead of 10%, the rate of increase additional hours, is supported by the “rebellious” but also by several favorable PS members in the labor law. But it comes too late to the executive and does not change the ratio of general

“Overtime is important, but this magical amendment comes very late and it is not enough that the whole group votes the law “, said the entourage of Manuel Valls, who sees more y ” ultimate political attempt imputation of blocking government “

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a motion of censure on the left?

the question is whether the “slingers” manage to gather the 58 MP signatures needed to file a motion of censure against the government. The group Republicans will not file a motion of censure against the bill work, said Tuesday the president of the group in the National Assembly, Christian Jacob, saying it was necessary to end “masquerade” .

socialist side, the outcome is more uncertain. Relatives of Martine Aubry are still opposed, as at first reading, and the executive is betting that the “rebellious” prefer to settle the internal accounts during the primary for the presidential election, announced in January 2017, rather as a confidence motion this summer. The PS has indeed warned that in case of motion of censure called “left”, the signatories Socialist deputies would be excluded from PS … and therefore could not participate in the primary.

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