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labor law: after the use of 49.3, the Left Front is trying to table a motion of censure – The World

Members Republicans leave the benches of  the National Assembly, Tuesday, July 5, while  Manuel Valls announced the use of 49.3 for passing  the law work.

Manuel Valls once again urged Tuesday 5 July the responsibility of his government on labor bill by announcing its recourse to Article 49.3 of the Constitution, upon the return of the text at second reading in the Assembly majority’s fault. If no confidence motion is filed within twenty-four hours, the bill will be finally adopted, without a vote

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The group Republicans has already indicated that it would not file a motion . “Now there is only one option Members who wish to reject this text: file their own motion of censure” , reacted members of the Left Front . But opponents of the text left struggling to collect 58 signatures of MPs required for the engagement of the procedure.

Europe Ecology-The Greens also called for a motion of censorship, denouncing a “denial of democracy” and “an admission of weakness”

“Far from invent a “flexicurity” in French, this text carries a further impairment of the rights of employees and will facilitate dismissals without creating jobs. (…) The use of this institutional artifice to adopt a text overwhelmingly rejected by the people and contrary to Hollande’s campaign promises can only strengthen the confidence in our institutions. “

” undemocratic Choice “

Even before the announcement, expected, the use of Article 49.3 to pass without voting law work, the national secretary of the PCF, Pierre Laurent, has denounced a “undemocratic choice,” adding: “This is a political defeat for the government. The government has stalled because it has no majority. This government has cut the country, those who are the real left. “

ZIP (New Anti-capitalist Party) also called on MPs to vote ” censorship “, to set “outside this government,” , pursuing “After four months of mobilization and despite the opposition of the majority of the population in the labor law, the government persists in his authoritarianism. “

In the ranks of the PS, the Young Socialists have criticized a law that deep left divide “

“the Young Socialists regret that the government has refused to hear the social movement and voters of 6 May 2012. to collect, you must appease, find the path of compromise, and allow Parliament time to amend a text that mark on many aspects of a contradiction with the electoral commitments of the Socialists and a break with their principles, particularly through the reversal of the hierarchy of norms. “

patrick mennucci, socialist deputy of the Bouches-du-Rhône, ” regrets the new use of this entry » 49.3 and asserts . on his Facebook page that he did not recognize this new decision “its first use was synonymous with a double failure” failed “social dialogue” “parliamentary work” . “This second use is when her symbolic of a stubbornness that I do not endorse” , he said.

Socialist deputy Cher, Yann Galut, has in turn announced it would not support the candidacy of President Francois Hollande for the Socialist primary, and said that “the logic of democracy would like the Prime Minister resigns” . “A vast majority of French people left, unions and MPs are against this law. This recourse to 49-3 and an admission of weakness and a political error “, he denounced.

Socialist MP Pouria Amirshahi has also expressed his frustration on Twitter:

“See you in nine months”

right chief deputies Republicans, Christian Jacob, Tuesday gave “appointment in nine months” to the French, who, he said, “ras-le-bol” of the Valls government. Premier “set the country ablaze for three months to get there and tell Parliament move along, nothing to see , was he annoyed on Parliamentary Public-string Senate. “Motion [censorship] already filed in first reading. We can go on like this indefinitely. I think the French are fed up “, he concluded, citing a ” masquerade “.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, President of France Arise (DLF), has estimated that the use was 49.3 “a helpless and confession of weakness for a government that conducts a policy contrary to the interests of France and plunged into the economic slump. “

” Passage in force “

” once again, it is a forced passage ” also denounced the leader of the CGT, Philippe Martinez: “the Government has no public opinion with him, he has no majority union with him, he has no majority the Assembly to pass its legislation. “ While 49.3 was announced in the National Assembly, a twelfth demonstration against the labor law, the last before the summer, gathered between Place d’Italie and Bastille Square around 7000 demonstrators according to police, 45,000 according to the CGT

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