Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The former super cop Michel Neyret sentenced to two and a half years in prison – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – Michel Neyret, former star fallen from the police, was sentenced Tuesday to two and a half years in prison for “corruption and influence trafficking” by the Paris court before which he was tried with eight other defendants.

A sentence of four years in prison, two and a half years firm had been required against it. The former policeman, who has already spent eight months in custody in this case, will not return behind bars, his sentence being converted.

The judgment highlights the “gravity” of the charges against the former police officer, saying he had “lost” in this case “any sense of the legal limit,” entering an operation where “the end justifies the means.”

“I’m relieved, this is a parenthesis of five years of my life that is closed today, “said the officer told AFP after the judgment.

the court sentenced to Michel Neyret have provided confidential information to members of the Lyon environment, presented as “snitches” in exchange for benefits, gifts and cash, and to have taken its toll on a drug seizure to reward informants.

the case had created trauma in the police. After thirty-two years of career, twenty at the head of the prestigious anti-gang brigade of Lyon, Michel Neyret, adored by his staff and his superiors and decorated with the Legion of Honour for his results, was a legend when it fall.

During the trial, the former police officer admitted getting lost in the management of “snitches.” According to him, the gifts received were from informants became friends who wanted him “to please”. On drug samples, he assumed this practice to retain “snitches” while claiming, unconvincingly, there have been used only once to 300 grams of cannabis resin.

“This lawsuit is not one of the PJ, but a philosophy, a system which is that of Michel Neyret” had estimated in his submissions the prosecutor Aude Duret

-. ‘ the only define the rules’ –

in the corruption component, Neyret turned, according to his colleague the Attorney Annabelle Philip, “police informer” of its informers. “What did he get in return? Nothing … except for benefits in kind, many rewards.”

“Ten trips, stays in the villa of a crook with luxury car loans and masseuses (…) two luxury watches (…) of cash transfers (…) and final stage of corruption, creation of an offshore company in retribution services rendered. “, she listed

on the drug, the magistrate had questioned:” is it a big cop when asked his subordinates to commit offenses, when puts the judiciary away when one is alone to define the rules? “

the court also ruled Tuesday prison sentences with arrest warrant against two men considered corruptors of Neyret and currently at large: 5 years for Gilles Benichou and Stéphane Alzraa 2 years, with 100,000 euro fine for the first and for the second 250,000

the wife of the policeman. Nicole Neyret, was sentenced to 8 months suspended sentence for having profited from the largesse of “amigos” of her husband and the captain Jean-Paul Marty, a former subordinate of Neyret to the narcotics police of Lyon, was sentenced to 3 month suspended sentence for helping his upper diverting drug sealed.

the court however ordered the release of the last four defendants.

He said that accusations against former policemen Grenoble, commander Gilles Guillotin and Commissioner Christopher Gavat, also suspected of embezzling drugs sealed Neyret, were not characterized. It also found that professional secrecy violation of offense with Lyon’s lawyer David Metaxas and man Cyril Astruc case was not made.


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