Tuesday, July 12, 2016

No candidate but already campaigning, Emmanuel Macron holds meeting – The Obs

There should be no resignation of the government, nor candidacy announcement on Tuesday 12 July at the Mutualité in Paris, where Emmanuel Macron will try to revive his movement “Run!”, Launched on 6 April.

So what? There will be “no personal ad,” says his entourage, recalls the method and timetable set by the non-candidate Macron: “diagnosis” to the end of the summer, the “proposals” in October, then the “people issues.”

The meeting on Tuesday will be a “first large gathering of members and supporters” into a “waypoint,” says the same source told AFP. The movement boasts “more than 50,000 members,” which 16,000 have registered for door-to-porte.L’occasion also for former Elysée secretary-General to make his weapons in a relatively new exercise for him.

The organizers count on a full audience for half of Parisians, a quarter of residents of suburbs and a quarter of provincial, with 50% under 35, and a “thirty parliamentarians”. The Mayor of Lyon Gerard Collomb should also be in the room. “We need a parallel offer” Francois Hollande if this one fails to “solve his problem compared to the French,” explained there one week “Point” that support weight of Emmanuel Macron.

one foot in, one foot out

“the challenge is that Emmanuel [Macron] sets the goal of” In on “for the presidential election in 2017,” said the minister’s entourage:

“Many people grow to clarify, it is important that s’ explains. “

the positioning of Emmanuel Macron could unseat his supporters, some do not continue the adventure if it is ultimately to support the incumbent president François Hollande.

an MP close to the minister said that the objective of Emmanuel Macron is to put on the table in the fall of a dozen proposals likely to consensus among the “progressive”, whether of the right or left. Many relatives also mention the publication in September of a “booklet” programmatic, although other nuance:

“We will come out something if we have the feeling it ‘ is useful. Maybe we will come out of things on certain subjects gradually, and not the great work. “

the great campaign of door-to-door” Run! “, whose goal is to hit 100,000 doors to make a “diagnosis” on the state of the country, due to end in July.

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