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An appointment for the unprecedented political economy minister. This July 12 in the hall of the Mutualité in Paris held the first big meeting of Emmanuel Macron. A rally that looks like a presidential campaign. Because since April 6, when the launch of its movement in March! The Macron machine seems to have packed. And the politician continues to generate the questions analysts and peers about his real political intentions.

But it is the highest peak of the state that the Minister’s approach arouses most concern. For Emmanuel Macron could be a candidate against or instead of the president. And if the former protégé of François Hollande turned against him? Back on the links between the two men

2006 – 2014. In the shadow of François Hollande

May 16, 2012. Francois Hollande has been elected president, voters left enjoying the return of the ruling Socialist party, François Hollande of the enemy is still finance and Courrier Picard as “A Amiénois at the Elysee.” Unknown to the general public, its area in question has only 34 years, no elective office, and is preparing to leave his post of managing partner of Rothschild: Emmanuel Macron has been appointed Deputy Secretary General of the Elysium. The former banker became adviser achieves the status of rising star Hollandie, the nickname of the galaxy that revolves around the new tenant of the Elysee.

At the time, if the man is unknown to the public, it is not the political sphere. It is Jean-Pierre Jouyet, the longtime friend of the president, and as Inspector of Finance Emmanuel Macron, who introduced him to François Hollande at a dinner in 2006. Immediately, the current flows between the two men that are on the same political line, that of a social democratic left. Therefore, they meet regularly, between two deals at Rothschild for Emmanuel Macron and preparing for the primary socialist Francois Hollande. From 2010, the banker Surpasses and agrees with the former first secretary of the Socialist Party, despite the entreaties of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, yet big favorite before the episode of the Sofitel.

I was convinced that this was the man for the job after five years of sarkozysme. It has France in its flesh.

Emmanuel Macron


Therefore, the banker joined every Monday supports mornings Francois Hollande in the apartment of Andre Martinez, HEC comrade of the current president, as telling the Express . It runs in 2011, “the group of the Rotunda “(named after a brewery Montparnasse), which brings together experts and economists responsible for drafting a presidential program and prepare for the Socialist primary. Under the watchful eye of François Hollande, who took him under his wing. Because according to a close of the latter, who confides in The Express, “ Hollande addresses Macron, from the beginning, as he would have liked Francois Mitterrand treat him. He sees in him.” Emmanuel, the spiritual son? One thing is certain: the political career of former banker who was never elected, beginning with Francois Hollande.

Hardly former banker -he appointed deputy secretary general at the Elysee that already stands and fascinates. “ Everyone knew that this rising figure in Hollandie would play a leading role “, tells the Nouvel Observateur in a portrait dedicated to him in May 2012 , who described him as the child prodigy of the Elysee. In December of the same year, Jacques Attali, former sherpa François Mitterand does not exclude “ that Macron either presidential ” in the columns of Le Figaro . About the premonitory? Everything in the current approach of Emmanuel Macron portends that the minister already imagined such a fate. But at the time, relations between Amiens and Hollande seem far ahead rivalries.

2014-2016: in the light with François Hollande

Early 2014. After a little less than two years as deputy secretary general of Elysium, Emmanuel Macron feel the wind change. Historical Dutch begin to distrust the councilor who grows a little too independent. According to Express , Jean-Marc Ayrault, then prime minister, complained to François Hollande CEO of round trips to the office of deputy secretary. When reshuffle in April, Emmanuel Macron is not named in the government, what the thirties saw as an affront. But for the president, no question of appointing a Minister who was never elected. Emmanuel Macron leaves the General Secretariat of the Elysee. Speaking to the press, it ensures that there is no “ enmities “, and even evokes academic career dreams. But Hollande would he still whispered to we will find ourselves and work together in a different way .”

Car President of the Republic refuses to cut short the political career of the man he considered his protégé. In August 2014, an event accelerates the return of Emmanuel Macron Arnaud Montebourg has to leave the government after yet another indictment against the policies of the executive. It is the crisis. Jean-Pierre Jouyet, the secretary general of the Elysee and one of the closest collaborators of the President, François Hollande persuaded to recall Emmanuel Macron. And even 37 years, to the surprise of everyone, including the person concerned, it is the Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital in the government Valls II.

A revealing appointment of the changing relationship between the two politicians. “ Emmanuel had a personal relationship with Hollande, who becomes a political relationship “, then confided close to President Express . Objective of the arrival of former banker at Bercy? Continue on a social-liberal economic line, but also contain the ambitions of Manuel Valls who seeks to appropriate the right wing of the PS. Protected, Emmanuel Macron is thus transformed into an ally of Francois Hollande.

In spring 2015, the President does not doubt the loyalty of his minister, and regularly reminds, as in this interview in Challenges , where he described the former banker as “ a nice guy, gay, who did not mind bad or disturbing ambition “, even touting a “ personal and political harmony” with the Minister of Economy . So far, so good. But … First snags, early 2016 during the debate on the forfeiture of nationality, on the issue of refugees, terrorism, Emmanuel Macron utter his difference. Manuel Valls is enraged, but François Hollande let them.

From 2016: the rivalry openly

On 6 April 2016, Emmanuel Macron launches so loud a new movement “in March” in his city home in Amiens. At Bercy, it ensures that the Minister of the economy is not in an electoral process. At the Elysee, it is said that Hollande had been informed. Rather than find fault, the official line of Francois Hollande is clear: the process of Emmanuel Macron allow the president to expand his base for 2017, raking the centrist electorate. For many political commentators, however, the young minister begins to put “on” for the presidential election. Even compete his former mentor.

So, during this month of April, the economy minister is called to order by the man who launched his political career. And tensions become noticeable between the head of state and his protégé too independent to taste the president. April 14, when the program “Citizens Dialogues” on France 2, the head of state reframes Emmanuel Macron: “ must be in the team, under my authority ” .

This is between us, not simply a question of hierarchy, he knows what he I must, it is a matter of personal and political loyalty.

Francois Hollande

France 2

But the answer of the person concerned does not take long. On April 21, a week later, it is a small sentence from an interview in the Dauphiné Liberé that creates controversy. The Economy Minister assures his loyalty to the head of state, but states that a president does not appoint a minister to make “forced her” . Emmanuel Macron is justified by explaining that the sentence would have been taken out of context, but for Francois Hollande, this is too much.

Behind the scenes, the former protégé begins to seriously annoy the president. “It could broaden my base. But every time he speaks, it is an attack against me” reported The Chained Duck . In June, the satirical weekly says the departure of the government minister is scheduled during a meetingqui be held on July 12 in) Mutuality. Here we are. But first there will be none. Not again … Emmanuel Macron denies any inclination to walk out, columns West France On is a time of life that government’s intense, brutal (…) I do not want to leave the boat at a time when it’s hard! “. But World (link subscribers) he assumes his approach: “It constantly asks, in a somewhat dual alternative, if I’m the reel or the traitor nor one or the other. I am building a new political offer, which is not that of François Hollande. I made the irreversible choice to offer something else. ”

At the Invalides, at the national tribute to Michel Rocard, on 7 July, the president praised the political loyalty of former Minister, recalling that “ never, he has played against his political family, even when he had to be away before François Mitterand in 1981 and 1988 .” Hard not to see a new warning against Emmanuel Macron. The breaking point has never been so close. Who will crack first?

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