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Macron to Mutuality, or history “of a candidate who is not yet” – The Express

To mobilize his troops without revealing his intentions, that the Macron method. Tuesday night, the Minister of Economy and Dad !, Walk In his “movement transpartisan policy,” meets his supporters at the Mutuality in Paris. An appointment where it should not make any special announcement according to our information. But the issue is beyond.

Macron will not resign from the government on Tuesday

“It will not make any announcement or its hypothetical application to the Elysee in 2017, or primary or on his resignation “ensure, confident, many supporters of the minister. Clarification that raises some doubts – last week, Duck chained give the “the start”, with an announcement on 12 July – but well pose other questions.

For Emmanuel Macron does not renounce his ambitions either. Far from there. “If you ask me if he wanted to go [in 2017, Ed], the answer is ‘yes’, provides, mischievous, one of his relatives. But it would be a strategic mistake to announce it now . he will not do it. he would shoot, “he warns.

To maintain the suspense without tensing the executive, Emmanuel Macron’s most urgent last week: deny the rumors, recurrent, resignation. “We are at a time of government life that is intense, brutal [...] I do not want to leave the boat at a time when it’s hard!”, He said Sunday in Ouest-France . Deny the rumors while spinning the cyclist metaphor nebula. “I do not contest for the polka dot jersey and the white jersey, or for the green jersey. When we biked, the yellow jersey …”, he added in Journal Sunday .

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A show of force

The appointment certainly has its utility: revive a movement leaded from the start by the polemics on the Minister of Economy (the revelations about his ISF, case T-shirt VS suits) and show that it does not advance alone. It is accompanied by activists – In March! claims 50,000 members – and elected officials. Forty parliamentarians will be present as well: among others, Senator Socialist Francois Patriat, MP Stéphane Travert but Gérard Collomb, Senator and Mayor of Lyon.

A fireproof, also, for the Minister, who has never lively political rally of this magnitude. 2,700 people, gained his cause, should be present at the Mutuality. But the show of force should not lead to any clarification nor ambitions, nor on his calendar.

Explain without  revealing: that the content of the speech Tuesday  Emmanuel Macron.

Explain without revealing: that the content of the speech Tuesday Emmanuel Macron

afp .com / Farouk Batiche

for 45 minutes, Emmanuel Macron therefore speak of him and his project. “Who is he, what is his vision and what he wants do … leave out sometimes its field of minister, “said L’Express MP Stéphane Travert Channel, which recently joined the” Macron galaxy. “a speech that has everything a decision . campaign speech input “This is a candidate of speech that is not even a candidate,” slips a member of his entourage

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“Do go if Macron Holland presents?”

The Elysee her favors, but there is one obstacle: how to get started without betraying his loyalty floor to the head of state Does the Minister of Economy will face up to Francois Hollande.? “We must reverse the paradigm ton near Emmanuel Macron: is that Francois Hollande will go if Emmanuel Macron is a candidate?”

A bold approach, but this source is still convinced of his calculations: “He is the minister of the most popular in the unpopularity left …” above and François Hollande Manuel Valls. According to him, his legitimacy to run is any found. An analysis which adheres to the Mayor of Lyon, which provided, in the columns of Point last week, Emmanuel Macron will prevail “naturally” if the head of state continues its slump sondagier .

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The operation annoys PS

PS, the operation? communication Emmanuel Macron annoys some: “This is an economy minister who seems to put a lot of energy in his political movement,” squeaks to AFP Luc Carvounas MP close to Manuel Valls.

The Elysee, the entourage of Francois Hollande puts the individual nature of the event. “There are many initiatives that arise in implementing the action that is currently driving, ‘Hey ho the left’ or ‘Belle popular alliance’ wants to believe a close. François Hollande let it live in respect the collective “. He added, as a warning, “but I’m sure it will be.”


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