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Emmanuel Macron: walk, not walk? – Release


The novelty effect. That is the main asset of the Minister of Economy. Everything is good in the Macron: age, style, profile, positioning … Beyond doubt it can generate, even among his supporters, the French Libération has encountered want believe in his qualities as a promise of renewal of a discredited political class.

Because it is young

the Numa is the first startup accelerator of France. On the ground floor of this great building II th arrondissement of Paris, there is a giant canteen where every Friday takes place the traditional “lunch coworking”. Twenty ambitious, whose average age does not exceed 25 years, will talk business. Nicolas, who created Orbout, a mobile application that “revolutionizes outings,” found that instilled dynamics by the current Minister of Economy is “interesting for the younger generation.” Because Emmanuel Macron has not yet 40, he admits it easier to believe in his speech on innovation than those of his political opponents.

at other sociological and geographical end of France, in the city of Flamingos in Marseilles Mourad, 45, framework in security, also puts the age of the minister forward as an antidote to the political crisis: ” at least with him, we will not vote for the old croutons! For me, the fact that he is young, it is an asset. We must judge people on their skills, and whatever he lacks experience. After, do Macron will cheat like the others … “

Palavas (Hérault), Francis, a fisherman of 67 years whose shop offers oysters and mussels in pliers to the rising star of the government, even if it is not his political family: “I am quite right, but it disappointed me. Juppe is the least worst, but Macron, I find it better. And he’s young. “” Juppe has what age? 70 years ? How to see the future of the world at the helm 70 years old? “ adds his fisherman friend, Sebastian, 42.

Because that he says things (and English)

in young bubbling brains of Numa, Alexander, 24, geek glasses and black t-shirt, says that if the minister had to president, he would vote “surely for him.” While it’s not really “political fan” founder of Coding Days (a young specialist grows in Web development course) recognizes him “some presence” and “a good spread.” and anyway, Alexander does not see too much for that to another might vote between a right he deems a little aging, extreme he does not want to hear about a president and “that can barely deliver a speech in English.” “Macron him, it makes you a perfect speech in the language of Shakespeare, with a small focus bonus” jokes Alexander. At Bassens city of Marseille, Boualem, 60, duty officer for seventeen years, love the “talking” provocative Macron: “He said that to pay for a pants, you had to work? But this is reality! I myself paid a suit, I gave me pain and I got there. Regardless of the path he has taken, he is in the top of the basket. We will remember him. Following from there to see the head of state … All depends on how high it will take and the people who surround. He demonstrated that he was not influenced, it is already good. “

Because its profile is atypical

Vincent Debas, 25, Socialist activist in Gisors (Eure) was interested in the march, the movement of Macron, because the approach to go “see what the French want “ has pleased him. What he likes in Macron, “his free hand” and “real renewal.” Nicolas, the founder of start-up, also like the hybrid dimension Minister “the fact that he comes from the private, casually, it changes a lot. Although, granted, he was a banker, he has at least been an employee. When we see some elected officials who have spent their entire career in the public service, it becomes a real argument for the election. “ Even finding in Verpillot Natacha, 26, a militant PS Caluire (Rhône) since 2013. she joined running two weeks after its launch. She appreciates his “atypical profile” , passed by both the public service and business. But most preferred positions on the “societal issues” instead of the economy, especially its interventions against the deprivation of nationality or for the reception of refugees: “He a humanist speech which I like. “

Because it is pragmatic

a Palavas, Bruno , 53, a fisherman for thirty-seven, is categorical: “he, at least, it takes account of the realities. It is not only in ideology. They say pragmatic? Then yes, that’s right, pragmatic … It seems to be a little braver than the others. “ Claude Guelaud, 63, branch secretary PS Is-sur-Tille (Cote d ‘ gold), takes the word “pragmatic”: “It is the policy Valls being less rigid. That’s better. “ She believes that his law ” positive effects on the economy “ and is a fan of ” Macron bus. “ A problem: “If you have an economic policy, we must also have a social component and European. With that, I expect it to advance his pawns. “


Emmanuel Macron? Far from Paris, many French still unaware of the ambitious Minister of Economy. Bernard, 63, electrician Bapaume (Pas-de-Calais), met in Zigana, a kebab on the main street of Fouquières-lès-Lens (Pas-de-Calais), chose Holland in 2012, and still has rather voted Socialist. But it’s over. “I vote more, they do not listen to the people. I regret not having voted Madame Le Pen. “ Macron? It is not clear who it is. As his son-Romain, 25, educator working “with young people in the street,” that knows Macron “in name only.” The image of Rothschild former banker always appears as clivante. On the left, of course, but also in popular areas, such as in some start-uppers of the new economy.

Because it’s too buzz and it is not fair

in the north of Marseille, the Bassens city was chosen by Emmanuel Macron for a visit on 27 May, finally canceled. It is through Samia Ghali, Senator Socialist mayor XV th and XVI th arrondissements of Marseille, herself a native of the city, that he chose this place. “Nanou” 42, is territorial agent in a manger and head of Bassens Women association. It raises the question, in the form of criticism: “It is not a bit pushy, this Macron? All he wants is the buzz! “ The youth card turns against the minister. “He has not much experience, he’s younger than me! she continues. I know that we must give a chance to the young, but he already proves he can do his work, and after we’ll see. The country almost goes down, you’re Economy Minister, concern yourself with it before thinking about your navel! “ The issue of loyalty to François Hollande returns repeatedly. “Macron, I liked him at first,” said Bernard, a retired HR, which says “right” Juppe trend. But Macron has already disappointed: “An opportunist. He spits in the soup in Holland. It is not integral, too ambiguous. I do not like it “ and Myticulteur figure Palavas, Claude, 63, said he agreed that we can not trust Macron. ” This guy wants to do freelance in Holland, he takes it for a fool and passed for a fool. This is not a reliable guy because what he does is not fair. “

Because it is a product of ‘establishment

Bassens inhabitant of the city of Marseille, Keira, 41, a nursing assistant, does not beat around the bush: “Emmanuel Macron, it will change anything in my life ? And how a banker can land like that in politics? It is as if I am a caregiver, I went directly to the nurse anesthetist status just because I got to see my taf. “ Even critic Farida, 45, duty officer “It’s like with Sarkozy, I feel they did the same school! It’s a banker, he plays to grow money, he can rob Peter to pay Paul. “” Macron, ah yes, the young man who went to Davos … “ Mario sighs, electrician met La Bassée (Nord), between Lens and Bethune. “I have a little trouble. It is closer to the Medef that of the left. It does not correspond to the ideas for which I voted Holland in 2012. “

Because when we left, we find it too right

Macron? This is “foutage of mouth,” says with smile Thibault, 20, a history student in Arras (Pas-de-Calais), met in the kebab Fouquières-lès-Lens. “We can not say the left and against the world of finance, and choose a banker at Rothschild as economy minister! How he can afford to criticize the workers on their attire [referring to the shirt of the case, note] ? It makes me think of “no-teeth” of Holland, in the book of Valérie Trierweiler! These are people who owe their careers to the people but who have no close with him, and go up to insult and demean the working class. “ Antoine Fournier, 25, a socialist activist in” François Mitterrand “(Amiens North), do not like either the ” liberalism “ of the Minister, ” a cut above “ of the policy: “What it offers in terms of deregulation does not suit me.” When he did not appreciate that it is said “neither right nor left” .

Because its economic policy is difficult to read

A Numa, the start-up incubator, the course could Macron seduce Chafik, 27. But the founder of Apiloop is skeptical: “I have difficulty with his speech. I especially feel that he knows that attract start-up, it’s good for his image. “ Fanny, who works at Dyna Model, start-up created to facilitate contact between models and creators, sketch a grin when asked about the young minister. She admits to having trouble defining his economic policy. “In fact, I feel that most benefits large businesses and start-ups, and what it says about entrepreneurship, it’s just to give a picture of dynamic guy. “ His colleague Alison nods. Rather than acting on layoffs, she would rather see the “simplify all the administrative side,” the business creation.

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