Monday, July 11, 2016

Paris – GCSE: 87.3% success rate, slightly higher – L’Express

A quarter of the successful candidates took the honors, 19.4% had the honors and 12.5% ​​the honors.

The general series, which concerns 90% of registered, has the highest success rate with 87.8% of winners, up 0.7 point compared with 2015.

candidates professional series are less conspicuous (81.2% were awarded the diploma), but this series success rate increased by 3.9 points compared to 2015 (after falling 1.1 points in the previous session).

Across all series, girls still outperform boys: more than nine out of ten graduate while boys are 84.3% in this case, a difference of 6 points in favor of girls.

This year, 815,800 candidates sat the patent, or 97.8% of registered voters.

The Minister of Education, Najat Belkacem-Vallaud congratulated the students and their teachers “ to these very good results ” and “ thanked all personal contributing to the success of this session “, the ministry said.

symbolic moment, patent seals the end of college and started high school. “ To highlight this milestone ,” the ministry states that “ a republican ceremony of the patent diploma will be organized to the winners in September, preferably fifteen days before the Thanksgiving holiday . ”


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