Saturday, July 2, 2016

Presidential: a “third round” unprecedented in Austria – The World

Alexander Van der  Bellen and Norbert Hofer during a televised debate  before the presidential election in Vienna April  24, 2016.

A dramatic turn. The decision of the Austrian Constitutional Court is unprecedented: it struck Friday 1 st July the results of the second round of presidential elections on 22 May, which saw the environmentalist Alexander Van der Bellen ( Greens) beat the candidate of the extreme right (FPÖ), Norbert Hofer of a hair. The high court refers irregularities in the counting of some votes.

The ecologist will not be invested as planned on 8 July. The Austrians will return to the polls for a “third round” probably held in late September or early October.

The interim head of state will be ensured by the President of Parliament, the social Democrat Doris Bures and his two vice presidents: the conservative Christian Karlheinz Kopf and … Norbert Hofer. He held this ceremonial function for several years.

Alexander Van der Bellen, 72, had collected 50.3% and Norbert Hofer, 45, 49.7% of the vote. Both candidates were determined with the ballots, counted May 23 Head to the outcome of the polls on Sunday evening, Mr. Hofer was eventually surpassed by 30,863 votes, according to official results published on 1 st June He appealed, claiming to have uncovered irregularities in 94 of 117 constituencies.

“neither winner nor loser”

Aware that could act as uncertainty and worries the prospect of far right the continent’s most powerful exult to be given …


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